Poet’s CornHer is ELIXHER’s new monthly column for creative writing. Our first feature, “Damn Girl,” is a poem inspired by Lucille Clifton’s “what the mirror said.”

Damn Girl

She said
Damn Girl!
You ask a lot of questions
About my body
About my temple
Brewing slow in the future
On the edge of contemplation
She said
Damn Girl!
You ask a lot of questions
Like how did you arrive here
By way of the rivers
Through the ocean
Settled fury of hibiscus
Leaves of wonder
Screaming winds of honey
Weaves of maps
To your heart
The veins of craving
Like my questions
I ask so much
Curiosity of desire
Like my questions
To cure the aching.
– Ahumnet Jessica Jordon
Ahmunet Jessica Jordon is a Black, queer writer, performer, and holistic practitioner, currently residing in the Bay Area. She is committed to sharing raw stories of the Black experience to ignite change, transformation, and healing through art.

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