Have you ever looked at your male friends as they scrolled through social apps like Jack’d and Grindr and wondered why queer ladies didn’t have something similar? If so, Wing Ma’am might be the answer.

According to their website, Wing Ma’am was inspired by creator Ariella Furman’s inability to find a cohesive female-centered space after relocating. “Quickly, I found that trying to connect with other LGBT women in town was difficult,” she says in the site’s description. “There was one lesbian bar in town — but I didn’t know which nights were popular. On top of that, information about lesbian parties was fragmented and hard to find!”

peopleThe app’s catchy name came from close friends. “[They] used the term to mean much more than a ‘wing man,'” Furman shares. “A Wing Ma’am is a friend who is there for you on your good —  and not-so-good days — as a strong support network in our fragmented women’s community.”

Unlike its male-centered counterparts, Wing Ma’am isn’t about getting a date or a quick booty call. Users will be able to promote their events and scroll through event listings created by other users so everyone can build community ties.

“LGBT women want something by women, for women that is more than just a dating app; [something that] addresses the many kinds of interactions and multi-faceted relationships LGBT women can have together,” says Furman. “In general, women are not as open to meeting strangers in public and we wanted women to feel like they had the power, not us.”

Ultimately, Furman wants corporate entities to have the ability to set up their own accounts so they can reach out to Wing Ma’am’s community. Wing Ma’am is currently available on Apple and Android devices. You can find out more information about the app at www.wingmaam.com.

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  1. Adrienne

    Sadly, the app only has it available for iPhone and not Android. A missed opportunity.


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