By Isis Asare

AzMarie, America’s Next Top Model star, partner to Raven-Symoné, and ELIXHER Magazine cover girl, made her debut appearance on the hip-hop drama Empire last Wednesday.


AzMarie’s character is Chicken – a masculine of center, queer woman of color. Chicken is best friends with Hakeem, played by Yazz the Greatest, heir apparent of the Empire throne. Chicken collaborates with Hakeem musically throughout the show and was the DJ for Hakeem’s premiere at the opening of New York’s City hottest nightclub, Leviticus, during the climax of Empire’s second episode.

AzMarie DJing
Queer women of color – as did the rest of the country – tuned in in droves for the second episode of Empire. Due to massive ratings, AzMarie tweeted that Fox confirmed another season of the show.
AzMarie Tweet AzMarie will be in further episodes of season one and season two. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think about #EmpireFOX in the comments!

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