We’ve received some disheartening news out of Baltimore. The body of Mia Henderson, a transgender woman, was found in an alley. She was killed early Wednesday. Authorities say the 26-year-old suffered severe trauma and was not from the neighborhood.

“They said the person didn’t live around here. Somebody may have brought them around here. I don’t know,” resident Anthony Burton told a local news station.

Just last month on June 3, another transgender woman, Kandy Hall, 40, was found murdered in a Baltimore field. Baltimore police are investigating whether the deaths are connected. They currently have no suspects in either case.

According to a 2013 report by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, 72% of LGBTQ homicide victims were transgender women and 67% of homicide victims were transgender women of color.

Anyone with information on Mia Henderson’s case is encouraged to call city police at 410-396-2100.

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