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Now that Inauguration Weekend has passed, it is safe to bring our lengthy string of holiday celebrations, beginning with Thanksgiving, to a close. If you’re anything like me the merriment was plentiful but, like my favorite Soul II Soul song, it’s “back to life, back to reality” and time to prepare for spring. If you’re concerned with signs of your personal champagne campaign showing up uninvited then it’s time to take reparative and preventative measures. In other words: it’s time to DETOX.

BACK TO BASICS: Slim down your skincare routine to just cleanser and moisturizer, take a break from alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and other extra curricular activities and say goodbye to processed and fatty foods while introducing more fruits and veggies to your diet; kale, carrots, berries and broccoli are all chockfull of antioxidants that help repair and prevent damage to the skin. Healing comes from within as well as the skin’s surface.

HAVE A SPA DAY: Whether you decide to treat yourself or DIY, a facial and, especially a massage, will get that lymph moving to help drain toxins from the body. If you decide to massage yourself or have a little at-home help, focus on areas with a lot of lymph nodes such as the neck, armpits, stomach, groin, and behind the knees.

WORK IT OUT! Take a brisk walk, enjoy a (bikram) yoga class, or head to spinning to sweat out any impurities, stretch out and shed those second helpings from all of the holiday dinners. A good, sober night of dancing is a fun way to sweat it out!

COOL IT DOWN: Water and hot tea are your best friends during a detox. The herbs and flowers in tea help calm inflammation and liver and kidney functions. Yogi teas have a skin detox option that helps reduce under-eye puffiness and decongest the skin.

After one week, bring your serum or essential oil back into your regimen to help target any skin care concerns such as hyperpigmentation, moisture balance, radiance, or elasticity. Introduce fruit juices such as cranberry and pomegranate to your daily routine and ease into the extracurricular activities. Your skin will thank you in no time.

BONUS: Rich in antioxidants, vitamin B, and protein among other benefits that carry detoxifying properties that aid in skin clarity brightness, this smoothie is easy to make and tastes delish! I prefer to use frozen mango but any frozen fruit or ice cubes are fine to add thickness and texture to the smoothie.

1 cup raw kale
1 cup raw spinach
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup blackberries
1/2 cup strawberries, cut
2/3 cup cranberry juice
half of 1 thumb of fresh ginger
1/2 cup frozen mango cubes
*1 sprig parsley, no stem
*1 sprig cilantro, no stem

Blend together until smooth and enjoy!


Danni is an Aveda trained, licensed skin care specialist and freelance makeup artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics with a passion for holistic health as well as at home skin care remedies.  She began her self-taught makeup career in the LGBT community, doing makeup for transgender performers and decided to go to school to learn about the most important foundation: skin. After graduating, Danni later became a makeup and product knowledge educator at the Aveda Institute, freelance artist for NARS Cosmetics, and now Bobbi Brown where she has had the privilege of working behind the scenes of NYFW shows. A self-proclaimed product junkie, Danni brings her skin care education, makeup expertise, passion for product knowledge, and “new!” to you, so that YOU don’t have to. 

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