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dapperQ’s Anita Dolce Vita

New York City-based dapperQ, the world’s most widely read queer style website, will be presenting the first ever queer style panel at [media/music festival and conference] South by Southwest (SxSW) during Sxstyle in Austin, TX on Friday, March 11, 2016. The panel, titled “Queer Style: Visual Activism & Fashion’s Frontier,” will feature four prominent queer style experts who will explore queer style as a movement that creates positive social change and discuss queer style as a thriving economic business that is moving beyond trends to become a mainstay in the fashion industry. Panelists will include Anita Dolce Vita of dapperQ; Sonny Oram of Qwear; Leon Wu of Sharpe Suiting, and Aja Aguirre of Fit for a Femme.

When asked why a panel specifically focusing on queer style is needed when the fashion industry already supports highly successful gay designers, Anita Dolce Vita responded, “Queer style is most certainly its own genera that cannot simply be reduced to white, cis, gay male fashion designers creating predictable binary, gender normative, heteronormative collections to fit the fashion industry’s unattainable beauty ideals. Queer style dismantles limiting style rules that have been systematically employed as a means of symbolically and literally perpetuating restrictive binaries and oppressing freedom of expression.”

Queer style will be the new frontier of fashion. Selfridges department store recently stocked its shelves with all unisex clothing; mainstream designers are casting androgynous models, such as Elliott Sailors for H&M and Kris Gottschalk for Public School; and Fortune Magazine published an article that discusses the ways in which companies are addressing the increasing demand for gender-less style. However, subverting gender binaries has long been a cornerstone of queer style, a topic that is explored in Lena Dunham’s new documentary Suited, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. dapperQ’s (un)Heeled runway show at Brooklyn Museum is included in the Suited documentary. SxSW joining leading brands, designers, film directors, and museum curators in creating platforms to feature queer style is a testament to how influential queer style has become in the fashion industry, as well as in mainstream culture.


South by Southwest (SxSW) | Sxstyle
dapperQ presents “Queer Style: Visual Activism & Fashion’s Frontier”
Friday, March 11, 2016
Westin Austin Downtown
301 East 5th Street
Room: Continental 1-2
Austin, TX 78701

For more information about SxSW and to register, visit

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