ELIXHER elevates the phenomenal work and talent across our community, and also sheds light on news and developments that do not get the attention they deserve. As ELIXHER continues to serve as a hub for information, resources, affirmation, and connectivity for Black queer and trans women and non-binary people, we invite you to collaborate with us!

Join the ranks of ELIXHER Content Collaborators by sharing your perspective, as only you can.

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Who are ELIXHER Content Collaborators?
ELIXHER Content Collaborators are the eyes and ears of our community. This army of citizen journalists wield their voices and stories as weapons against erasure and systemic oppression. ELIXHER is their platform.

Communities cannot collectively be activated without feeling outrage. But how can people care if they are uninformed and unmoved? How can they feel compelled to fight for humanity if their humanity is not affirmed?

ELIXHER Content Collaborators are unabashed, opinionated, and witty. They have a unique point of view worthy and necessary of elevating.

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