Our community is our source of resilience and inspiration. From our content creators to our campaign contributors, ELIXHER wouldn’t be here without our fierce supporters. Today, we’d like to honor and highlight one of our badass backers, New Jersey-based writer Tawanna Sullivan.

ELIXHER: Tell us a little about yourself.
TAWANNA: I’m a dark-eyed daughter of the sun who was raised in Baltimore but lives in New Jersey. I’m 44 and just celebrated 20 years with my lovely partner, Martina. I’m a fan of horror movies – especially corny/bad ones. I’ve had short stories published in various anthologies in the past. Recently, I published those older stories together as a collection: The Next Girl & Other Lesbian Tales. Currently, I’m working on my first novel.

ELIXHER: What keeps you up at night?
TAWANNA: The idea that we as a community are competing for resources outside of us to the point where we can’t recognize the value in each other.

ELIXHER: What keeps you hopeful?
TAWANNA: That the community is changing and growing—even if it’s sometimes uncomfortable.

ELIXHER: How are you helping leave this world a better place than you found it?
TAWANNA: One way is by supporting local artists and small community groups and orgs who are doing good work. For us, by us only works if we actually support each other.

ELIXHER: Why did you decide to support ELIXHER?
TAWANNA: Because I enjoy the content and the online community it fosters. Also, for years my partner and I ran Kuma2.net and know how hard it is to create content, maintain a website, etc. Community support – financial , spiritual, etc. – is extremely important.

ELIXHER: What’s your favorite self-care practice?
TAWANNA: Slowing down, listening to my body and taking the time to give it what it needs. Right now that means rest. Working through pain to get tasks done might seem like a good idea in the moment, but the body will definitely catch up with you.

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*photo credit: duncan Lisbon graffiti via photopin (license)

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