Angela + Charla: Bringing Together Two Tribes

Charla Harlow, 32, and Angela Harlow-Rothschild, 34, got hitched in Brooklyn's historic Weeksville neighborhood, one of the first free black communities in the U.S. ELIXHER caught up with the newlyweds about their nuptials.
brooklyn bars

Best of Brooklyn: Bars

Pick your poison. Whether it's a glass of white wine, whiskey or a rum and Coke without the rum, check out some of the borough’s most Black queer-friendly bars.* ELIXHER recommends… Sweet Revenge  Wha...
pillow cafe lounge

Best of Brooklyn: Coffee Shops

Spring's here! So grab your laptop, a good book or a friend and check out some of the borough's most Black queer-friendly cafes.* ELIXHER recommends... Pillow Café Lounge What you'll find... Cozy vibe...

Bed-Stuy Pride: Celebrating Self and Community

“There’s a misconception in Bed-Stuy that queer folks are gentrifiers, which is completely untrue,” explains Chelsea Johnson-Long, coordinator for a program of the Audre Lorde Project called the Safe OUTside the System Collective (SOS).