We Aren’t Roommates

"There are days when I want to go back into the closet -- especially as a means of survival." Apartment hunting as a queer couple has its challenges. Kadia Tubman reflects.
Po and Dice La La's Full Court Life

Black Lesbians Represent On-Screen!

Last month, ELIXHER caught up with Saj Golde, star of the Showtime reality TV show The Real L Word, to chat about the importance of depicting Black lesbians in the media. It turns out that both Po and Dice, close friends of TV personality, La La, love ladies as well!
corrective rape

Faces of Your Fears: Corrective Rape in South Africa

Since 1998, over thirty lesbians have been killed in South Africa as a result of “corrective rape” (rape intended to punish a lesbian and believed to change or "correct" her sexuality). Some estimate that at least ten lesbians are raped or assaulted each week in Cape Town alone.