QTWoC Chronicles: Boundaries are the New Black

What happens when two Black queer women sell all their possessions, quit their cozy careers, and decide to drive across the country in an RV?! Find out in ELIXHER's QTWoC Chronicles. In their final entry, Tabia and Mimie talk about moving back to Georgia and maintaining the balance they achieved while living off the grid.

Forging a New Path: A Conversation with Dr. Wilhelmina Perry

Dr. Wilhelmina Perry, 79, is a Harlem native and the Administrative Coordinator of advocacy group LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent. Although she had been having romantic relationships with girls since elementary school, Perry didn't come into her sexuality until she met her late partner, Toni, at the age of 40.

WNBA Launches Groundbreaking Pride Initiative

Yesterday, the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) launched a historic and groundbreaking Pride initiative, WNBA Pride, making it the first professional sports league to initiate an integrated marketing, media, grassroots and social responsibility program.