We’ve all either seen or known “that” couple. You know the one. The annoying adorable pair that coordinates and finishes each other’s sentences. The duo that has at some point made you detest being single and at another vow to be single for the rest of your life. Others of us are “that” couple and don’t even know it. Here are ten ways to tell if you are…

1. Your coworkers know your girlfriend without knowing your girlfriend. Sometimes even you forget that your cubicle-mate has never actually met your partner. Makes for very interesting (read: “awkward”) conversation when the holiday party finally rolls around.

2. You use Facebook to remember what your friends look like. Social media has become the only way to keep up. People pop up in your timeline and you realize that you haven’t seen or spoken to them in months.

3. Your roommates think you’ve moved out…you haven’t.

4. Her roommates have asked that you add your name to their lease. And their utilities.

5. You can’t remember the last time you had sex. Enough said.

6. Your DVR is full of her favorite shows. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “The Braxton Family Values” and “Single Ladies” aren’t exactly part of your weekly lineup.

7. There’s a “No Couples” disclaimer attached to an invite. And no, your other friends did not get that text message.

8. The last time you went out for a drink, you were grabbing juice from the store…in your PJs.

9. People always refer to you with plural pronouns. “Y’all,” “you two,” “you guys,” “you and [insert girlfriend’s name here]” accompany questions about your evening or weekend plans, even when your partner has no part in them. 

10. Your idea of date night is now delivery and Netflix. Long gone are the candlelit dinners and romantic walks in the park. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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