On April 8, 2013, Harlow Project partnered with the Brooklyn Movement Center to conduct a series of on-the-street interviews asking people to share their stories about street harassment whether experienced or witnessed.  In conjunction with the second annual Anti-Street Harassment Week, both men and women were interviewed at Fulton Park in Bedford-Stuyvesant between 2:30pm – 7:30pm during Brooklyn MC’s Chalk Party.  In addition to recounting experiences, interviewees were asked to divulge the feelings that said encounters spawned, providing a relatable context for those who have never dealt with harassment, as well as presenting perspective to those who may be performing the acts of harassment.

Ryann Makenzi Holmes, co-founder of bklyn boihood, was on hand to recount one of her “many” bouts with street harassment:

The anti-street harassment traveling video campaign is the second installment of the Harlow Project, a celebratory site dedicated to providing a platform upon which women and people of color can share their stories genuinely and truthfully.  Charla Harlow, the founder of the project, was influenced by a feeling of disempowerment provoked upon witnessing the harassment of a young girl one evening.  She attributed the feeling to the internal conflict of wanting to say something but not knowing what to say.  The campaign will travel to different cities around the world, collecting street-harassment memoirs with the hopes of giving women a voice in an oppressive system that seeks to silence them.  We look forward to the tales to come.

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– Tie’sha Sadie

Tie’sha Sadie is a Brooklyn-bred femme-sin-sation with a pension for radical expression and queer youth empowerment.  She is a multi-disciplinary creative simultaneously questing to redefine the parameters of conscious sexuality, facilitate the evolution of brown community, and drop kick all -ism based ignorance. Tie’sha is a contributing editor at ELIXHER. Oh, she can also be found ranting and raving a little over at Sugarfree:ology.


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