In an inspiring interview, Tracey Wilson, 10, talks about her journey growing up as transgender. Despite the article’s title (“Two transgender children struggle to be themselves”), it’s apparent that Tracey is in fact very clear about who she is. It’s everyone else that needs to catch up.

Tracey Wilson

Tracey Wilson

When the interviewer asks if Tracey always knew she was different, the trans pre-teen responds:

“I was just being me. I knew that I was different. Whenever someone would say something mean to me, I’d go home crying. After I was done crying, I would ask my mom, ‘Am I different?’ And then she said, ‘Yes, but different is good. Everyone is different…you are special and you are unique. And there will always be someone out there that will appreciate you and love you for who you are.’ That always brightened up my day.”

We see where Tracey gets her strong sense of self from — her mom is pretty badass and deserves every Mom of the Year Award there is.

“My mom was always the real inspiration for my day. Even though she was always working, she was always there for me,” Tracey continues. “It’s just really good to have such a great family.”

Watch the interview here.

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