Andraya Williams, a transgender student at North Carolina’s Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), recently spoke at a rally about how campus staff harassed and discriminated against her. On March 18, the 22-year-old was stopped by a security guard as she exited the women’s bathroom and was asked to show her school ID. The guard allegedly mocked the young woman then proceeded to call for backup.

Not only was Williams escorted off campus, she was also suspended and told she would only be allowed back if she used the gender neutral bathroom (unless she brought medical documents “proving” she is a woman). The university maintains that the guard was looking out for the “safety” of students.

According to her attorney Sarah Demarest, Williams is seeking a formal written apology, permission to use the women’s bathroom, trans competency training for staff and changes to the school’s policies.

“We are raised to believe that this is the land of the free and home of the brave,” says Williams in her rally speech. “However, in order for us to grow and in order for this country to be the country that it claims to be, we have no choice but to stop bullying minorities.”

Watch the clip below.

(H/T TransGriot and QNotes)

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