Source: ESPN

Source: ESPN

Good gawd. Give us a moment while we cool off.

They say every picture tells a story and AOL On’s new original series My Ink proves it. Some of the world’s greatest athletes bring their tattoos to life through exclusive interviews and visits to their favorite tattoo parlors.

In this episode, openly gay Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner finally gets to finish the ‘nature’ sleeve on her arm while discussing how her background has influenced the art on her body.

“Society gives us a bad rep for having tatts or being gay, so I’m like let me just throw all in one and see how they like it now…I mean, that’s how I feel,” she says laughing. “I’m definitely comfortable in my own skin.”

She even reveals some super sexy ink of two female symbols interlinked on her hip. It’s what she calls her “lesbian tattoo.”

See for yourself.

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