Who dies? Who thrives? Last week, members of both the Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC) and #BlackLivesMatter examined the vitality and visibility of justice movements at NYU.

Lourdes Ashley Hunter, TWOCC National Director, served as the discussion moderator. Panelists included Darnell L. Moore, Writer and Educator, Black Lives Matter; Ahmad Greene, Writer and Community Organizer, Black Lives Matter; Katrina Goodlett, Founding Executive Board Ambassador, TWOCC; Tiq Milan, Senior Media Strategist of National News, GLAAD; and Elle Hearns, Leadership Team, TWOCC. The event was co-sponsored by NYU LGBTQ Student Center and the NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programming.

In the wake of the deaths of people like Islan Nettles and Eric Garner and the incarceration of people like CeCe McDonald, how do we promote the unity of these movements and the centrality of LGBTQ people to achieving justice? How can we advocate for fellowship and liberation as we advance our mutual cause?

If you were unable to attend the event, you can watch and listen to the dialogue here:

Featured photo via Tiq Milan

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