In the third installment of Caryn K. Hayes’ digital dramady series, Entangled With You, Alisha (Kathryn J. Taylor) suffers through the venereal gift that Craig (Al Thompson) has so graciously shared with her. Here’s to Penicillin!  Jaliyah (Loren Lillian) is struck with a mini bout of restlessness while attempting to finish her song, her mind however can’t seem to stray far from thoughts of Rocky (Jessica Meza). The two roomies find comfort in each other’s company and a case of beers, allowing themselves to briefly forget their woes in conversation and laughter.

Against her wishes, Jaliyah finds herself dragged into Alisha’s mission to put distance between herself and her on again-off again boyfriend. In “Your Blues Ain’t Mine,” Craig and Alisha’s brother, Darryl (David Spates) meet Jaliyah for the first time, an experience that yields a peak into the humorously prosperous mind of Craig.

View Episode 3 of Entangled below, or catch up on previous episodes by visiting the series’ YouTube channel.

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