Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox recently sat down with BET to talk about fame, what she has learned from working on the Netflix series, and backlash she received after appearing on the cover of TIME.

“Until TIME magazine, it was positive — at least what I saw,” shares the trans star. “I stopped reading comments like two years ago. So I wasn’t reading comments on articles. But everything felt really positive. And then the TIME magazine thing happened and all of a sudden I was getting Google alerts…”

“Then on my Twitter feed, and on my Facebook page, and on my Instagram, people were starting to have arguments about gender in the comment feed,” Cox adds. “It’s deeply hurtful to me…I’m not about hating anybody and to see that is so painful.”

Her co-star Selenis Leyva also talks about being an Afro-Latina in Hollywood in the clip.

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