Darling, you only get the love that you THINK you deserve. If you can’t see fit to make yourself a priority, how can you expect anyone else to?” – Mother Indigo

In the latest episode of Skye’s the Limit, all hell breaks loose.  In the span of less than 25 minutes, there is a moment of shattering clarity, a heated argument amongst sisters, someone uses the “L” word, and what would a queer drama be without a femme restaurant brawl?   “Feasting on Scraps” opens with Skye and Mother Indigo discussing the current happenings in Skye’s life, especially her relationship with the still attached Jay; a conversation that yields both a moment a admittance for Skye and a truth bomb dropped by Mother Indigo.  Ronnie calls out Jay’s inconsiderate treatment of Skye’s feelings.  In a confrontation sparked by Carter’s interest in Marisol, Gina blows off some serious steam.  Tracy speaks three little words that Bryn is not ready to hear, while a lunch date between estranged friends and 3rd party buffers ends in a cat fight.

In its ever consistent fashion, episode 8 of the DC-based webseries doesn’t stray from portraying storylines that are both relateable and entertaining, with a cast that encompasses the wide spectrum of shades, shapes, gender presentations and identities.

With only one more episode remaining in the season and so much fevered unrest in the air, how will it all end?

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