​Queer Black August

In the spirit of Black August, which commemorates African liberation and revolution, the Mobile Homecoming Project continues its recent string of black feminist workshops with its newest installment, “Queer Black August.” Join an intergenerational gathering of queer people of color on a five day retreat focusing on African spirituality and healing poetics. Through play, creativity and performance, participants will spend the week taking part in ritual ancestral invocation and guidance and healing exercises. Portions of the retreat will be documented and shared to allow local communities to witness and participate in the week’s creations – comedic, performative and play. The event will be at the Stone House in Mebane, NC (20 minutes outside of Durham, NC) and will be an intimate gathering for an aligned group of soul searchers and light beams.

Aug. 15-20
Stone House
6602 Nicks Road
Mebane, NC

$50 deposit for out-of-state participants
To register for this event and make lodging arrangements, visit the Queer Black August website.

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