LGBT Civil Rights Marches This Weekend

Marches will be held in over 30 locations worldwide this weekend to support the creation and enforcement of laws protecting LGTB people on a global scale. US marches carry special significance after President Obama’s recent decision to not sign an executive order that would prohibit federal contractors from discriminating based on gender expression or sexual orientation. To continue reading, visit The Huffington Post.

Women’s Rights and LGBT advocate Bettie Naylor dies at 84

A founder of the Human Rights Campaign, Naylor has been called the Rosa Parks of LGBT activism. She died in her sleep. Read more about her at the Daily Kos.

Terrence Chappell: Open Letter to Boystown

The editor at, expressing his frustration with the aggressively racist atmosphere of many white, gay spaces: “I was even the token in the neighborhood I grew up in because I attended private school. I’ve never quite fit in, and I’m okay with that, but still managed to find a sense of community in whatever environment I was in at the moment. Needless to say, I have yet to find a sense of community in Boystown and it’s directly linked to my race.” Read his entire article on The Huffington Post

Compounded Inequality at the Crossroads of Race and Sexuality

ThinkProgress guest bloggers introduce bleak data as it concerns non-white queers (21% of black LGBT people are in poverty, according to one study), and articulate the problems posed by general LGBT activism ignoring the escalated plight of queer POC communities.  Read the entire op-ed here.

Are Black Churches Moving Past Their Homophobia?

Columbia University professor Josef Sorett dismisses the notion of a static Black Christian bloc that is uniformly homophobic. He argues that while many black churches still refuse to see sexuality inequality as on par with racial inequality, attitudes have been slowly shifting in the black community, as well as in the US as a whole. Read his New York Times op-ed here.


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