Black Transgender Woman Murdered in Chicago

Paige Clay, a 23 year-old transwoman, was found shot and killed in a West Garfield Park neighborhood in Chicago’s West side. She was a well-known figure in the LGBT ball scene and was a part of a transwoman group called Women of Many Voices. Friends have expressed disappointment with police in their investigation of her murder. To read more on this story and a May 1 rally in Paige’s honor, visit CBS Chicago.


On Being a Dark Skinned Black Woman

An emotional, painfully honest piece by Sara Bivigou: “Colorism is tricky because it masks itself in the language of choice. ‘I like to date light skinned girls,’ one guy said. Though really it is a preference derived from social pressure. Whiteness dominates and is seen as the most powerful, most influential, most useful, and for as long as this holds, aspirations of beauty will flow in its direction. Colorism is something people of colour do to themselves (though not by themselves) because the need for acceptance can be so overwhelming.” Read the rest of her article on Clutch.


The New Masculinity

Toi S. expounds on several revelations uncovered after attending a Black Transmen Advocacy Conference, including the basis of misogyny in trans communities, the feeling many have of incompleteness after physical transition, and the intersection of racism and transphobia.

“There is a lot of pressure to stay “stealth” and invisible within communities of color because who really wants the added marginalization and discrimination? It is hard enough to be a black man. Now you’ve got to worry about being accepted within your community, church, schools and jobs? Many say, “No, thank you.” And you know…some white transmen call us cowards for that. Cowards. Because they have no idea the experience of intersecting identities of being a person of color and queer among other identities.” Continue reading at Racialicious.


Hispanic Black Gay Coalition Releases “Coming Out” Anthology

“Offering an intimate and unique look into the ‘coming out’ experience, ‘Shout It OUT: Coming Out Black and Brown’ features poetry, narratives, letters and personal reflections.  Pieces cover an array of thought provoking topics such as living in the Caribbean as a gay man, coming out as a lesbian Latina revolutionary, being condemned by the Black church, and searching for family acceptance and support.” To learn more about this project and/or purchase their book, visit HBGC Boston.


Ohio Boy Scout Leader Removed for Being a Lesbian

A lesbian mom was removed from her scout leader post for being a homosexual, despite being voted in initially by parents aware of her orientation. Her sexuality was exposed to higher ups after she addressed concerns about her local troop’s finances. Parents from her troop have rallied around her in protest, but the Boy Scouts are standing behind their longstanding ban on LGBT members. Read more here.

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