Oakland Transgender Woman Murdered

The Daily Kos does its job to inform the public about a murder that Oakland media and police have yet to seem very interested in. Brandy Martell, a 37 year-old transwoman, was shot and killed in her car after getting into a verbal confrontation with two men who approached her vehicle. Witnesses report that police walked away from the incident and medics arrived late. Read more about her murder here.


Black North Carolina Voters and Gay Marriage

Once again reminding readers that black voters are not one monolithic, universally homophobic entity, this article discusses the differing black opinions over gay rights, from supportive civil rights groups like the NAACP, to traditionally socially conservative black churches. On Tuesday, these differences will come into play as North Carolina votes on amendment to redefine marriage as strictly being between one man and one woman. Read more at the Washington Post.


Best 2011-2012 Books by Black LGBT Authors

Toni Newman’s exhaustive list of the black LGBT community’s best new book releases includes Don Lemon’s memoir, “Transparent,” and Sapphire’s follow-up to her first hit, “The Kid,” which follows Precious’ son, Abdul. Read the entire list at the Huffington Post.


Bowie State University Opens Gay Resource Center

Bowie State became the first HBCU to have a gay resource center for LGBTQ people and their allies. It will offer students counseling services, reading materials and programs and workshops to raise awareness about sexual orientation issues on campus. Continue reading at The Sentinel.


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