GBM News Countdown: 15 Most Powerful Gay Celebrities Of Color

Recently, MSN TV posted their “Countdown: 15 Most Powerful Gay Celebrities” slideshow list online, as a way of highlighting the progress of the LGBT community in contemporary society. Yet, as I looked through it, I was surprised, to say the least, that there wasn’t a single gay or lesbian celebrity of color on it. Not one.

A Gospel Singer Slims Down and Comes Out

DeJuaii Pace, who’s on the new Addicted to Food docuseries, told The Root how the show helped her embrace her life as a black, Christian, gay, 45-year-old virgin.

Hot 97’s Mister Cee BJ Arrest Brews Homophobic Hip-Hop Radio War With Power 105

Calvin Lebrun, better known as the HOT 97 D.J. Mister Cee, has been arrested after cops spotted him receiving a blowjob from a one Lawrence Campbell. Lebrun, who is 44 and produced Notorious B.I.G.’s first record, and Campbell, 20, were both charged with public lewdness and exposure of a person after their allegedly plain view rendezvous just before 4am Wednesday on Manhattan’s West Side.

*Please note the transphobic language used in many of these reports. It has not been confirmed that Lawrence Campbell self-identifies as transgender. Even if Lawrence is transgender, an individual’s gender identity and/or expression is irrelevant to the alleged crime. Terms like “tranny” or “transvestite” are derogatory and only used to promote sensationalism.*

Youth Produced Voguing Documentary

Ruth Ellis Center’s youth-produced voguing documentary. This highly-stylized modern house dance started in New York clubs in the 80s, was made famous by Madonna, lives on in the African American gay community and brings together Ruth Ellis Center’s youth.

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