Trans Day of Remembrance: A Letter of Blessings to My 16-Year-Old Self

Now, more than a decade later, I look at how lucky I was to get to walk out of that car. I now know the world can sadly be a cruel place. I could have been hit or beat or killed. A victim of a hate crime, one that could have been deemed a mistrial due to the trans panic defense, one where my family would have no closure, one where I’d be buried as a boy because no one but my friends knew my dreams of womanhood.

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2011: The War Wages On

We dishonor the memories of all those trans people before us who have lost their lives if we don’t find our own ways to fight back. If each of us doesn’t find our own way to fight this war against us, we surely will lose.

ALERT: Transgender Woman Murdered in Hollywood, Another Shot at in Plummer Park

Thursday night, Nov. 17, at around 9:55pm, a transgender woman named Cassidy [Vickers] was shot in the chest and killed in Hollywood on Lexington Avenue and Gower Street.

Pariah: Share Your Story

Share your story. Post a video response to PARIAH Director Dee Rees and help inspire others with a personal story of your own. We’ll select videos to feature on our PARIAH Facebook page and official website.

Omarion’s Ex Wife Comes Out as Gay

R&B singer Omarion made waves a few months back when he took to Twitter to essentially proclaim that he doesn’t believe in lesbians and that he can pretty much turn lesbians straight with a single wave of his wand.

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