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Save Marriage: Let Gays Wed

Marriage is a revered institution that many gay and lesbian couples are eager to belong to. They want the rights, responsibilities and societal validation that come with it. And they want the respect and dignity it gives their families. Why those who claim to care about such a highly regarded institution would deny members who want nothing more than to help keep it alive is beyond comprehension. No, I’ll be blunt. It’s stupid.

Gay Rights: Africa, The New Frontier

Gay rights appear to have become a new frontier in diplomatic relations between Western powers and African governments, with the US and UK warning they would use foreign aid to push for homosexuality to be decriminalised on the socially conservative continent.

N.J.’s Black Churches Open Doors to Gay Congregants, But Not Right to Marry

A random sampling of black ministers in the Newark area found many are aware of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered men and women in their congregations, singing in the choir or working in a church office. And they are willing to welcome them with open arms.

Detroit Man Charged in Transgender Teen’s Murder

There is new information about what’s really behind the murder of a transgender teen whose body was found dismembered and set on fire more than a month ago. FOX 2 has learned Michele Hilliard was actually an informant for the Madison Heights Police, and now investigators believe she may have given a tip that cost the teen her life.

Black LGBTQ Community Doesn’t Support Its Own

Just last month, Gay Black Men News ( folded. It was a unique online eZine because it brought a perspective of the news as it related specifically to gay men of African descent.

WATCH: “Homicidal Rainbow” By Kai Davis

Kai Davis performs her poem about anti-gay bullying at Brave New Voices Quarter-Finals.

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