Speaking Out for Same-Sex Marriage Law, Black Minister Stands Apart

“I apologized for participating in this conspiracy of silence,” said Coates, senior pastor at the 8,000-member Mount Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton… Last year, Coates remained silent as the predominantly African American Prince George’s legislative delegation in Annapolis, pressured by many influential and large African American churches, provided crucial opposition that helped to scuttle the same-sex marriage bill. Coates declined to discuss his own views of [gay people]. That, he said, would detract from what he sees as the real issue. “It is not a question of private belief,” he said, “but whether all citizens of this state have the same rights.”

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Melissa Harris-Perry Takes Her Political Insights From Campus to Cable

Raising President Obama’s ”evolving” view on marriage equality with Melissa Harris-Perry makes her laugh. ”Yeah, it’s evolving,” she says with an incredulous chuckle. ”I know. That’s just so irritating.” Looking at the possible Republican opposition this fall, she adds: ”Am I gonna vote for him? Yeah, I’m gonna vote for the president. But am I irritated by him talking about an ‘evolving’ position on marriage when he’s the child of an interracial couple? That’s nuts.” Harris-Perry, also the child of an interracial couple, is having none of it. ”You know, like, stop. Just be evolved. Just stop. That’s no good.”

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Uniting Blacks and Maryland’s Same-sex Marriage Backers

With depressing regularity, divisive and misleading rhetoric is dredged up whenever same-sex couples’ right to marry is put to a legislative or popular vote — often exacerbating the false myth of a rift between gays and blacks.

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The Politics of Being Black and Openly Gay in Charlotte

In Charlotte, Mayfield said: “…there are no role models or mentors in local politics that look like me. The number of people in my circle that look like me and have an awareness of the pulse of society is minimal. I guess I need to find a larger circle [laughs]. “

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Umoja Project Unites Black Faith Leaders Around LGBT Equality

No doubt many will continue to discuss the tweet from Martin and the incident in the streets of Atlanta, while making assumptions about the motives behind both events. Thoughts and remarks circulate that reinforce the stereotype that the black community is more anti-gay than any other racial or ethnic group, but a local group of black faith and community leaders recently challenged that assumption.

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NJ Assembly Passes Marriage Equality Bill by 42-33 Vote

A two-thirds vote in each chamber is needed to override Christie’s promised veto. The override would require at least 13 more votes in the Assembly. Legislators can attempt a veto override as many times as necessary until January 2014.

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