Local Ohio Magistrate Gives Shared Custody Rights to Mother’s Former Partner

After several months of testimony, a Franklin County magistrate has found that the biological mother of a 9-year old child may not deny parenting rights to her former live-in girlfriend. The ruling claims that the couple had planned insemination together and raised the child as equal parental units up until the day the biological mother ended the relationship, thus “[the child] was never a single-parent child but part of a committed familial relationship, albeit a family of all females.”

Read more about the story at TheDispatch.com.

200,000 People Sign Lesbian High Schooler’s Petition to Lower Anti-Bullying Film’s R Rating

A Michigan high school student has created a change.org petition for the MPAA to lower the anti-bullying documentary “Bully”’s rating from R to PG-13. She and her groundswell of supporters claim that an R rating would prevent the people who most need to see the film (pre-teens and teens) from accessing it.

For more details, read at TheAdvocate.com.

D.C. City Council Passes Bill Allowing Non-Resident Gay Couples to Divorce

The bill will allow couples who were married in D.C. to gain access to divorce without the current requisite of at least one partner being a 6-month resident of the city.

Original New York Times article found here.

BET Brings Attention to Homophobia and LGBT Victimization in the Black Community

Bet.com writer Cord Jefferson points out a 2011 study that showed 70 percent of the victims of anti-gay hate crime murders were people of color, along with several recent stories in the news that highlight the Black queer community’s heightened vulnerability when it comes to intolerance.

Read the entire commentary here.

Disproportionately High Number of Black Same-Sex Families Living in Poverty

Alvin McEwen takes black leaders to task for using religion as a reason to ignore the plight of millions of struggling same-sex Black families who have been denied access to a government safety net. According to an LGBT MAP study from January, “32 percent of children being raised by black same-sex couples are living in poverty compared to 7 percent of children raised by married heterosexual white parents.”

Read the entire post at HuffingtonPost.com

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