South Africa killing of lesbian Nogwaza ‘a hate crime’

The brutal killing of a South African lesbian activist has been condemned as a hate crime by Human Rights Watch.

The US-based group has urged the police to do more to find those responsible for the recent murder and rape of Noxolo Nogwaza.

She was stoned and stabbed on 24 April after a row in a bar in KwaThema township, east of Johannesburg.

South Africa Task Force to Fight ‘Corrective Rape’ of Lesbians

South African law enforcement officials today said a new task force will be formed to address crimes against homosexuals after the gang rape and murder of a young woman believed to have been a victim of “corrective rape,” or men attacking lesbians to “turn them straight” and punish the women for being gay.

“The team will be charged with developing a legislative intervention plan, a public awareness strategy, and LGBTI sensitive shelters,” Tlali Tlai, the chief of staff for the Ministry of Justice, told reporters.

Ugandan Lesbian Activist Wins International Human Rights Award

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera, a leader of the Ugandan gay rights movement, was awarded a major international award for her humanitarian work in the strongly homophobic country today.

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