Concussions Mar Season for GW Transgender Player

At the start of the season, Kye Allums was one of a kind — an openly transgender member of the George Washington women’s basketball team. It wasn’t long before he became someone with an all-too-common problem: The athlete whose season is cut short because of a concussion.”

Details Of Brutal Hate Crime Attack On Damian Furtch Emerge

A gay man was attacked outside a West Village McDonalds for doing nothing more than wearing pink shoelaces and bright clothing, according to the victim.”

BBC’s “Is Homosexuality Un-African?”

The Constitutional Court in Johannesburg is required to uphold South Africa’s Bill of Rights – including the right to live free of discrimination, whatever your sexual orientation. But being gay in Africa can lead to imprisonment or death. In this World Debate, Zeinab Badawi is joined by David Bahati, a Ugandan MP who has written and is promoting Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill, and Festus Mogae, former President of Botswana.”

Out Lesbian Women’s Basketball MVP and Olympian Sheryl Swoopes Returns to WNBA at 40

In 2005, Swoopes told The Advocate that she hoped her coming-out would ‘make a difference to a lot of people out there who want to come out and don’t know how to do it or are afraid.'”

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