Jennifer Carroll Lesbian Comment: Florida Lt. Gov. Apologizes for Remark About ‘Black Lesbians’

Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll apologized Thursday for offending lesbians when she said black women who engage in those relationships don’t look like her.

Carroll, who was implying that black lesbians aren’t attractive, made the remarks more than a week ago when she was asked about court documents in which a fired staffer claims that she walked in on Carroll and a female travel aide in a compromising position. Carroll denies that claim.

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Once Blocked, Boy’s Appeal for Gays to Wed Gets Council Audience

Kameron was invited by the Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, to deliver his speech, which he wrote two months ago for a student competition at Public School 195 in Rosedale, Queens. The principal, Beryl Bailey, deemed it inappropriate for the school, so Kameron was at first not allowed to deliver his speech on the topic.

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Opening His D.C. Church to All, Including HIV-Positive People

At a time when there is increasing attention on the stubbornly high HIV infection rate in the African American community — with many pointing to the lack of action by many influential black churches — Cheeks is notable for using his pulpit to educate parishioners on the need to get tested for HIV. He is a vocal counterpoint to the ministers who, from the altar, condemn homosexuality.

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What Does It Mean to be an Ally?

This isn’t progress. The applauding of the bravery involved in coming out isn’t what we should be aspiring to, rather, we should be actively rooting out the homophobia in our communities and our own thinking that makes coming out such a brave act. Our goal should not be making coming out safe, but to make it unnecessary.

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