Has the National Bar Association Turned Its Back on Black LGBT Lawyers?

Despite its mission to “protect civil and political rights of the citizens and the residents of the United States,” the National Bar Association overwhelmingly defeated a measure that would include LGBT-specific nondiscrimination language in its constitution in a vote of 36-120.

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Beenie Man Apologizes

In an exclusive interview with The Advocate, Beenie Man explains how he arrived at his current view on gay rights, whether he believes Jamaica will ever be accepting of the LGBT community and how he would respond if his son grew up to be gay.

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Tongues Untied: On ‘Barbershop Conversations,’ Black Masculinity, and Sexuality 

Most people don’t imagine barbershops, especially those serving black folk, to be spaces where people freely talk about LGBT issues. Wade Davis and Darnell Moore challenge this misconception.

Check out the conversation at the Huffington Post.

Out Georgia Legislator Expected to Win Re-Election Bid

Simone Bell, the first African-American out lesbian to serve in a U.S. State House, handily won her Democratic primary for Georgia State House District 58 last night.

More at LGBTQ Nation.

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