Widely-Reported Story of Gay Men Suing Historically Black Sorority Smells Like Bullshit

From Erin Gloria Ryan’s report:

And that’s the rub, isn’t it? It’s not a matter of whether Alpha Kappa Alpha is the appropriate social place for gay men who appreciate and admire the sorority; it’s a matter of where gay black kids fit in when they go of to college. […] Another question remains: why was this story so believable on a mass scale in the first place? Because it exploits that antique homophobic fear that gay men aren’t interested in being men at all, but rather co-opting women’s space? Because, despite apparent advances in acceptance of LGBT individuals, there still exists something very ugly and fearful in our collective attitudes toward non-straight sexuality?

Read her entire article on Jezebel.

Southern Baptist Church’s First Black President Continues Their Anti-Gay Stance

The church has long been vocally opposed to gay rights. From newly elected Fred Luter’s acceptance speech:

Only the Word of God can change the heart of a racist; only the Word of God can change the desire of a child molester. The Word of God can change the lifestyle of a homosexual. The Word of God is the only hope for America today.

Read more on Queerty.

A New LGBT Politics Seeks To Marry Issues, Not Just People

Jamilah King details the evolution of the gay rights movement from an isolated demographic’s cause, to an all-inclusive movement for marginalized groups, especially in the South. From her article:

From Selma to San Antonio, Durham to Detroit, and dozens of small towns in between, they’ve seen up close how circumstance and necessity have helped build bridges across issues ranging from racial discrimination and unemployment to immigration and marriage equality.

This type of work—a patient focus on building broad and unexpected communities outside of the old gay political capitols—is starting to look like the future of LGBT politics. And as the debate over same sex marriage in particular drags on, LGBT communities in places like North Carolina, Minnesota and Mississippi are no longer cringing at it, they’re setting about redefining the discussion.

Read the entire piece on ColorLines.

Report Investigates Link Between Gender Identity and Sexual Abuse Reporting

Perhaps more telling is the tendency for several news outlets to wrongly characterize the findings as evidence that queer women are more prone to be victims of sexual assault. From a more accurate reporting of the study:

A new study finds that adult lesbian and bisexual women who are more “butch” (or masculine) report more abuse in childhood — especially with physical and emotional neglect.

Keren Lehavot, Ph.D. and her collaborators also found that women who identify as “femme” (or feminine) and have a more feminine appearance report more adult sexual assaults.

Continue the article at PsychCentral.

Black Women, Sex Toys and Pleasure Parties: African-American Women Take Pleasure into Their Own Hands

The Grio’s editorial piece discusses the media’s lack of acknowledgment of many black women’s healthy, explorative sexual appetites, instead relying on ultra-conservative or ultra-promiscuous caricatures. Arielle Loren describes:

With the strong conservative and traditional values of the black Church — and the historical denial that revolves around sexual abuse, rape, and premature sexuality that occurs in many black homes — there’s a lot for black women to navigate while finding sexual empowerment. However, many are making strides to claim pleasure for themselves, with and without partners. It’s a healthy, ongoing revolution.

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