Maryland Voters Approve Same Sex Marriage Law

Months after President Obama’s endorsement, Black voters help pass marriage equality in Maryland. “We’re ecstatic that Question 6 passed. We want our love to be acknowledged and cannot wait to get married,” ShaDonna Jackson told last night.

Jackson and her partner Lakisha Smith will celebrate their fifth anniversary in March. They are both Black—just like Tonya Parker and her partner—and live in PGC’s Hyattsville. The couple developed a website to encourage their friends and family to support marriage equality in Maryland. Jackson and Smith connected with Freedom to Marry, which invested resources in reaching out to Maryland’s sizeable Black community.

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Marriage Equality Takes Four Steps Forward

Election night four years ago was one bittersweet affair for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans. They swooned over the history-making election of then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) as the nation’s first black president. But they despaired over California’s approval of a constitutional ban of same-sex marriage, coming in a state Obama won handily.

But election night 2012 was different. Last night was a night of firsts.

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Continuing the Fight for Transgender Rights

Despite the significant gains in the movement for transgender equality, there still remain strict barriers for trans people when it comes to accessing health care, housing, education and economic advancement. Even Vice President Joe Biden has expressed his belief that the severity of discrimination against transgender people is the “civil rights issues of our time.”

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Why Is The ‘Normal Television Family’ Always White?

Oh, I know the answer, of course. A white nuclear family is what networks think everyone can relate to. And even if people can’t relate, they see and recognize that “ideal” and know what sort of cultural message the writers are trying to send. It gets across the message of Normal, Everyday, Good Old Down-Home FAMILY to people.

But you know what? It’s started pissing me off.

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