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Want to woo your lady without breaking the bank? ELIXHER’s got you covered with seven creative and cost-next-to-nothing ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Create a keepsake box. Repurpose an old shoebox by wrapping the outside in magazine spreads (only pull pages that are in her favorite color scheme). Next, include a handwritten note, along with photos and other keepsakes. Other ideas for add-ins: A heart cut-out doused in a fragrance you wear, the menu from your favorite take-out spot or movie stubs you’ve been collecting over the course of your courtship.

2. Do a destination date. Make a list of places around the city that mean something to your relationship. A first kiss. First date. Where you two made it official. Hide love notes in each location with clues on how to get to the next destination.

3. Take note. Not up for running around the city? Not to worry. Hide love notes throughout the house and in her things (like her wallet, fridge, and dresser).

4. Cook as a couple. Find a recipe with one of her favorite foods. Surprise her with the groceries (or create a grocery list in advance and go shopping together), then divvy up the tasks.

5. Learn a lesson. Learn to salsa, cook Caribbean food or brew your own beer. Scour Groupon and Living Social for deals on cool classes.

6. Bring the spa to you. Get home early from work and run a warm bath. Place candles throughout the apartment and a glass of wine near the tub. When she’s done with her bath, give her a full-body massage. And by full-body we mean with your body too. (Your hands aren’t your only tools.)

7. Take a trip down musical memory lane. Burn a CD with songs that represent special moments. The first song you danced to. One that includes her favorite saying or a nickname she has for you.

However you end up celebrating Valentine’s Day (if you’re celebrating it at all), the greatest gift is letting that special someone know that you appreciate her. And that’s as easy as saying, “I love you.” No gift receipt required.

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