Lesbian Georgia State Rep. Simone Bell Named to House Leadership Position

Rep. Simone Bell has been elected to a leadership position in the Georgia House Democratic Caucus. Bell, the first African-American out lesbian elected to a state legislature, was named House Minority Chief Deputy Whip.

Rep. Bell, who was first elected in 2009, cruised to a Democratic primary victory over Erica Long in May and faced no Republican opposition in November’s general election. She is one of three openly gay members of the Georgia state legislature, along with Reps. Karla Drenner and Keisha Waites.

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Op-ed: Seeking Asylum, Finding Strength

The Reciprocity Foundation works with homeless LGBT youth to continue their education, find work, and build their own lives, using a holistic model. Here is the story of one of the organization’s clients, Lareto Mokube.

My sexual identity is queer, and my gender identity is androgynous. I prefer male pronouns, which I’m just trying out. It’s taken some time to home in on all of these aspects of myself and to really understand them. I found that female pronouns were like a jacket that just doesn’t fit — you know, it’s a little too small or a little too big. The first time a pronoun felt like it fit was when my mentor called me “son.” It felt great to be identified in that way.

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Uganda’s New Anti-Gay Law To Pass By Christmas, Lawmakers Say

Drafters of a revised anti-gay law want parliament to pass it in time to be a “Christmas gift” for Ugandans, a lawmaker said on Friday, after a controversial earlier version was quashed because of legal technicalities.

Legislation passed by parliament almost a year ago, which would have punished gay sex with long prison terms, provoked a storm of international protest and led some donor countries to withhold aid. A constitutional court overturned the law in August.

Abdu Latif Ssebagala, a member of a parliamentary committee formed in September to draft a new version, said it had finished the bill and was ready to present it to parliament for debate.

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Tyler James Williams: Media Portrayals Of Black Men Feed Black Homophobia

Actor Tyler James Williams, who made a splash in this year’s breakout indie darling “Dear White People,” sat down with HuffPost Live on Tuesday and touted the film’s portrayal of gay issues, which Williams said have been historically sidelined by the black community.

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Jason Collins to Retire from NBA

Jason Collins, who became the first openly gay athlete in North America’s four recognized major team sports when he played for the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets last season, announced Wednesday his retirement from the league.

The 35-year-old Collins made the announcement in a first-person story for Sports Illustrated. It’s the same forum he used in April 2013 to publicly reveal his sexuality.

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