Vivian Billings, ‘The Gossip Game’ Star, Embraces Transgender Son On VH1 Show

On the latest episode of VH1’s “The Gossip Game” things got heated between blogger Vivian Billings and radio host Steph Lova. Lova went on air and made a few comments in regards to Billings’ son Kayden’s sexuality. In the midst of drama, this lead to a very heartfelt and emotional moment on the reality show centered around hip-hop bloggers and journalists. Billings ended up having an intense conversation with Kayden about accepting him for he who is.

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27 Things You Had To Deal With As The Only Black Kid In Your Class

Epic. The title says it all.

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Rapper A$AP Rocky: ‘I Have Respect for Gay Men Who Come Out’

Rap music may not have had a reputation for embracing the LGBT community in the past, but artists like A$AP Rocky are proof that attitudes are evolving rapidly. The rap artist recently spoke out in support of gay men in the public eye who come out of the closet and said he supported anyone who embraced their sexuality.

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9 LGBT Athletes of Color Who Paved the Way for Jason Collins

Sexuality and sports make for a complicated mix. Throw in race and the persistent obsession with what it means to be a man in America, and the conversation becomes impossibly loaded. That’s why it’s so significant for the NBA’s Jason Collins to come out. By telling his story—and doing so while he’s still an active player—the 34-year-old Washington Wizards alumn has created a moment in which racial justice and queer rights merge.

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Transgender Woman’s Body Found Near Cleveland; News Coverage Denounced

A body found in a pond near Cleveland was identified Monday as that of a transgender woman who was reported missing a month ago. Cemia “Ci Ci” Dove, 20, of Cleveland, had been stabbed to death, and there was a rope around her waist that was tied to a concrete block and a steel pipe, police told local media at a press conference Monday afternoon. Her body was badly decomposed, indicating she was killed some time ago. She was reported missing March 27, and her body was found April 17 in the pond in Olmsted Township, west of Cleveland. The pond had been used to catch and recycle water runoff from a greenhouse that once operated in the area. A resident of a nearby apartment house discovered her body, and police identified her through DNA. She was born Carl Acoff and was identified earlier as Cemia Acoff; friends say she went by Cemia Dove.

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Exclusive Q&A: Artist Jonathan Harris on Documenting the Lives of Lesbian Porn Stars

Lesbian BDSM starlet Dolores Haze is going for the money shot. She’s on her knees, furiously masturbating in front of a set of cameras for feminist porn pioneer Jincey Lumpkin’s new feature, “Therapy.” Jonathan Harris, computer scientist, online artist, and documentarian, is filming her too, only he continues rolling after the rest of the crew has packed up to leave. The shots last only 10 seconds: Dolores lying on the couch in a post-coital daze. Dolores getting on the subway and walking home. Dolores calling a friend because she accidentally locked herself out of her own apartment.Harris filmed nine women who work in lesbian porn in New York over 10 days, in 10-second intervals, and spent 24 hours with each one. This week, he launched the intimate interactive documentary detailing their lives.

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