String of Gay Marriage Victories Broken in Louisiana

The legal winning streak for same-sex marriage is over.

A federal judge in Louisiana upheld that state’s prohibition on gay marriage Wednesday and belittled a string of 20-plus federal court decisions striking down state bans as “a pageant of empathy.”

It was the first time since the Supreme Court ruled against the federal Defense of Marriage Act in June 2013 that a federal court refused to throw out a state’s ban on gay and lesbian marriages.

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The Ersatz Emancipation of Femininity: On Being a Bulimic, Brown Lesbian

To be a woman in the Western world is to live under the hold of normative femininity — the surreptitious web of supposed truths about the correct attitudes and appearances of womanhood. They are cruel and demanding lies built on misogyny and the contempt of women and their potential. To be a woman in the Western world is to understand that your worth stems from the ability to be thin, passive, agreeable, servile and beautiful. A woman who achieves these qualities — so the lie goes — is on the path to the freedom of fulfillment. Simone de Beauvoir told us that women are made, but what is it that we are created to be? Self-loathing sex objects barred from the wholeness of human experience.

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Colleges See Gay Students as Growth Market

With enrollment flat, schools are courting LGBT students

A growing number of campuses are launching programs to attract and hold onto LGBT students, including college fairs aimed at LGBT applicants, LGBT student-support offices, special graduation ceremonies, and housing and healthcare for transgender students. Colleges and universities are also putting more resources into LGBT student centers, including by hiring full-time employees to direct them.

More at TIME.

Despite High HIV Rates, Georgia Schools Ignoring LGBT Sex Ed

Pick 100 high schools across the state, and the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says an average of one will include sex education targeted to LGBT youth.

Abstinence can be one component of an LGBT-friendly sex education curriculum. Condom use, another. But to really make a difference, [Eli Rosenberg, Associate Director of Research Projects at Emory University’s Dept. of Epidemiology] says sex education must be comprehensive. That includes affirming sexuality, not stigmatizing it.

The truth is, that’s not often happening in Georgia schools.

Read more over at Atlanta NPR.

Nude Pics of Both JLaw and Jill Scott Were Leaked, But Response Has Been Skewed

For dozens of female celebrities, Labor Day weekend took a terrible turn when a massive collection of nude celebrity photos began making the rounds on the internet…

Among those affected by the leak include Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, supermodel Kate Upton, pop singer Ariana Grande (who maintains hers are fake) and singer/actress Jill Scott — the latter of whom is trending like crazy on Twitter today, but in a mostly undesirable way.

Unlike the seedy but flattering (if you can call perverse come-ons and sexual innuendo such) responses being tossed out in response to Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos, Jill Scott’s photos were met with a barrage of cruel, body-shaming tweets — despite the fact that only one of the leaked photos of Scott was, in fact, real and actually taken by the star.

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