The Mitchell Family in ESSENCE

Our Family is a series that celebrates two-mommy families and delves into some of the challenges they face. The goal of the series is to depict same-sex parent families in a way that’s authentic and dispels myths associated with same-sex childrearing.

Know an awesome two-mommy family? Are you part of one? Email us at to share your story!

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  1. jessica santiago

    My story is my own. I am a child of 2 mommies and I hope to start a family myself with 2 mommies. I was raised very traditionally by very latin parents . Church and sunday shcool were regular to me as a child. I found it to be very hard as a child because I grew up in the south where being latin was weird and being gay was totally out of the question. I had many friends who were not allowed to spend the night at my house and I was often not invited to birthday parties because of my “alternative” life. it didnt matter that I was a cheerleader and honor roll student. Through this I found true love and friendship from very few people, I had so many judgements against me that I made it my life goal to NEVER judge anyone and keep love in my heart for human kind because when it comes down to it… We are all the same… Humans.


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