Can infection be prevented with AIDS, HIV and condom?

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Is it safe to do sexual intercourse with people infected with AIDS?

Is it safe to do sexual intercourse with people infected with AIDS?

Is not AIDS or HIV the most known STDs (sexually transmitted disease)? This disease, how far do you know? What? Is it possible to prevent infection completely by properly using a condam?

This page will solve such a question. What is the reason for adding condoms?



I wonder if there are many people who have heard even names alone. But it is important to know sickness as well. First of all, it is about the name of HIV and AIDS, but we also explain here because many people are confused.

Difference between AIDS and HIV

Aids is called AIDS by taking its initial name under the name Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV is a virus that develops this disease and is called the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This also became known as HIV taking an initial letter.

In other words, the big difference is that AIDS is a disease name, HIV is a virus that causes it, so it seems that there are many people who have mixed meanings.

AIDS, infection route of HIV virus

AIDS, infection route of HIV virus

This HIV virus is rarely infected in daily life. The main routes of infection are sex and sexual activity, infection by blood, etc., and mother-to-child transmission.

HIV infection by sexual activity

At present, more than 80% of HIV infections are caused by sexual activity. The sources of HIV infection are blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk, and so on. These HIV-containing bodily fluids with potential infections will not infect even if they touch healthy skin. However, if this body fluid touches the mucosa or wound, the possibility of infection will come out.

Vaginal sex

There is a possibility of infection by doing normal sex. It is effective for prevention to always wear a condom before inserting. You should avoid touching genitals as much as possible without inserting them. It is because there is a possibility of infection when body fluids touch mucous membranes (penis and vagina). Since it makes no sense to wear a condom only before ejaculation it is important to wear a condom before insertion.

Oral sex, rimming

Even with oral sex, there is a possibility of HIV infection. Fluid containing sperm is leaking from the penis without ejaculation. Of course, it is the same for cunnilingus and HIV virus is contained in vaginal secretion fluid. There is a possibility of infection if the body fluid touches the mucosa in the throat or oral cavity.

Always use condoms or dental dams and let body fluids and genitalia not touch the mucosa directly. If you are not injured in the case of a hand job etc., it is okay, but if there are small cuts or the like, the virus will invade into the body from there.

We recommend wearing a condom as much as possible. There is also a possibility of infection about the act of licking anal that is called rimming. Attention also needs to be done in that case because the infection occurs via the stool also in the rectum and around the anal.

Anal sex

The possibility of infection comes out also in anal sex. Either side will be sex acts through the rectum, so if sperm leaks out of the penis and has HIV virus at the same time there is a risk of infecting it. Also on the accepting side, HIV virus exists via faeces also in faeces, rectum, around anal, and so on, there is a possibility of infecting the other party. This can also be prevented by the proper wearing of the condom.

Infection rate of HIV with sexual activity

Infection rate of HIV with sexual activity

Basically, the infection rate of the HIV virus varies widely depending on whether a condom is used or not, but in case of sexual intercourse performed without using a condom (anal and vagina) the probability of infection is about 0.1% to 1%, It is said. Although it is not numerically numerical, there is also a report that it infected once, so the probability of infection is only a guide. And if you are infected with other sexually transmitted diseases, the probability of infection further increases as genitals are inflamed.

The highest probability of HIV infection is the acceptance side of anal sex.

  • Anal sex (accepting side) 0.5%
  • Anal sex (insertion side) 0.06%
  • Vaginal sex (female side) 0.1%
  • Vaginal sex (man side) 0.05%

There is also a relative risk against the presence or absence of a condom as data, but for the sake of simplicity, it means that if you do not have a condom, there is a 20 times risk of infection when you attach a condom.

Effectiveness of condom on HIV virus, AIDS

Effectiveness of condom on HIV virus, AIDS

I talked about the probability of infection, diseases and viruses, but can condoms prevent infection? Will not it be a point? I think that the cause of the infection is that blood and body fluids are found to be infected from mucosa and wounds.

However, I will explain how effective condoms are.

Infection Mechanism in Sexual Action

There is no opportunity for semen and vaginal secretions to enter the body other than sexual activity. In the case of a male, invisible fine wounds are formed in the glans, and vaginal secretions enter from there. In the case of a woman, leaked semen etc. come into direct contact with mucosa in the vagina, and infection occurs by HIV invasion into the blood.

In case of anal sex, semen contacts the intestinal mucosa and infects from there. Since the mucosa of the intestine is thinner and more even than the vagina, the risk of infection with anal sex is high because HIV tends to invade.

In the case of oral sex, small scratches and the like which are not visible even in the oral cavity often occur, and there is a danger that HIV virus may be infected by a bodily fluid such as semen contacting there.

It is possible that it may be infected by contact with genital or mucosal membranes like this, but if you use condoms and block the path of contact with body fluids with a condom, it will not be infected. If you use sex properly, avoid direct contact with genital organs and prevent sexual invasion, there is no fear of infection.

It is highly possible to prevent AIDS infection by firmly avoiding direct contact with each other.

How can I prevent AIDS (HIV virus) in a condom?

How can I prevent AIDS (HIV virus) in a condom?

I think that you could understand the effectiveness of condoms. But what is important is whether it can be used correctly. Depending on the timing of installation etc. there is a possibility that you are using the wrong way of use. I also introduced various kinds of condoms at this site as well. The primary purpose of any condoms is prevention of STD and contraception. Although there are many latex condoms, it is important to use correctly at first, even for other types of condoms (ribbed condoms, flavored condoms, thin condoms, lubricated condoms, thick condoms).

Use condom correctly and prevent AIDS (HIV virus)

Are you using condoms correctly? Let's use it properly with reference to this How to use condoms article. Also the following articles will be helpful.

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To prevent infection from the beginning to the end

Basically, it is better to avoid genital contact. Before inserting or before genital contact, be sure to wear it is meaningless. Of course, if you are doing oral sex, the one who was wearing it from that time is safe. Avoid contact with the mucosa if you have any, wear condoms.


  • AIDS is disease name, HIV is virus name
  • The infection route of the HIV virus is that bodily fluids and blood come into contact with mucosa and wounds
  • If you block that route you can prevent infection with condoms
  • It does not infect as long as there are no scratches through the skin
  • Anal sex has a high infection rate
  • Attach condoms from start to finish