What's the best condom in India? Recommended 3type of Condoms. Materials and sizes, PE and DE compatible condoms?

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What is the best condoms for you?

What is Standard of best condoms?

When we go to a shop to purchasing the condom we first consider its standards, it is compatible or not with our needs. When users choose condom they must be ensured of its quality. If we talk about standards of the best condom, it must be appropriate for penis. Condom for male users should be fit easily over the penis. So you need to choose from various condoms size. Also, unless it is an appropriate condom, it will come off or it will be broken. It is also important to master correct usage. And if you are thinking of finding the best condoms you are advised to buy a condom online.

The purpose of condoms

The purpose of condoms is for prevention of STDs and contraception. For that, you need to know the best condom for you. There is also the possibility of pregnancy even with a condom attached. In order not to fail, knowledge of the best condom is necessary.

The condom must ensure that it will protect users from any kind of sexual diseases like HIV, AIDS etc. The condom ring must be of best quality as well as its width or it must be of a thin shape that ensures condom will not tear off during penetration. The width of Ring will spread the sex duration. Many of the condoms are available with a variety of fragrances and flavours as you prefer for your session. Condoms should be soft and flexible that will not hurt penis even it provides ease while penetration. Flexible touch offers more temptation in sex. Condoms must be manufactured with good quality of rubber or latex that will provide enough elasticity that assists in penetration. The good elasticity makes penetration joyful when it enters the vaginal wall. Condoms are available in many colours as customers like most.

Why do you want the best condom? 3 important types

Why do you want the best condom?

There are so many kinds of condoms now and everyone does not know what is good. Here are three types of important to choose condoms.

  • Material, because of its thinness and smell
  • Size, fit and failure prevention, the most important
  • PE, DE, due to sex satisfaction

There are many kinds, but these three points you should care about.

Among them, you will want to choose the best for you. The best standard is a personality with each person. There are as many couples as there are types of sex, the couple has the best of hands. First of all, people do not want to fail with condoms. Choose the best condom for that. This article will also be helpful for usage which does not fail.

How to use a condom with confidence (not fail)

Besides that, I am dissatisfied with the current sex if I am dissatisfied with the current condom. Therefore we need to choose the best condom. Values for your sex change with one condom. If you and your partner dissatisfaction with condoms can be solved, the impression on sex will change and the pleasure will change. By choosing the best condoms for you, you will change your sex life. Let's solve dissatisfaction with each condom.

1: Material

First of all it is the material of condoms. If you are comfortable n smell(odor) seeking condoms, it is worth to try different materials. Most condoms currently on sale are latex condom. If you ever used a condom so far, you will often use this condom. Latex is the rubber product and the share as a condom material is the best. However, other materials are also very popular as a material at the present time. The first thing you should care about is the material. If you care a little, you can see the material from the product details. The one you should choose is Non-latex condoms.

High pleasure from material

Because condom of material other than latex has high pleasure degree. Everyone thinks that if you put on a condom you feel less pleasure when you are a man. However, this polyurethane condoms are famous for OKAMOTO condoms, but they are very thin. And the thermal conductivity is very high, you can feel the temperature of the partner when you insert it in the vagina. It is enough to mistake "Law" sex exactly.


OKAMOTO 0.01 was sold by SEX TOYS INDIA at Rs 529 in SEX Toys INDIA. It feels expensive as a price, but it has so much effect. You can get a pleasant feeling that can not be obtained with the latex condoms that are currently the most thinly used. You should choose if you want to have "Law" sex. Because this condom is 3 pieces and it is Rs 529, I want to use it for a special night

Non smell condom from material

Non smell condom from material

If you are concerned about the smell of rubber, it is important to choose materials other than latex. Latex is the most used material in condom now around the world. The OKAMOTO condoms introduced earlier are made by polyurethane. What you think of as a condom is roughly made of latex. However, at present, there are condoms of polyurethane, polyisoprene and other materials, which is recommended. First of all there is no smell of rubber specific to latex, it does not matter. And I feel a close contact feeling of how heat is transferred during insertion unlike latex. Of course we also recommend flavored condoms, its latex one.

Kama Sutra Skyn Original

Kama Sutra Skyn Original is made of polyisoprene and this material is very soft and Rs 100 in Amazon.in. That's not too expensive price. OKAMOTO the previous time is thin, but this condom is amazing in its softness. I used it, but I am surprised when taken out of the bag. First of all, the thickness is as it is, but obviously there is no unpleasant smell of rubber, I am surprised by the softness beyond that. Latex is also soft, it is more soft than that. Polyisoprene is said to be soft near skin, but I thought that condom was skin. This softness helps us when inserting, and the partner can also feel softness. As a result, the softness changes the feeling of rubber to pleasant feeling and you can have sex with the feeling of "LAW".

2: Size dissatisfaction

Size dissatisfaction

Those who feel cramped when wearing a condom, those who feel uneasy about whether condom may come out, are you different? Such a person can solve by choosing the best condoms. Do you always choose condoms? Knowing the size of your penis, it is important to know how many size categories are just sizes, how many centimeters the standard is. Unexpected size is not measured at erection. Standard size feeling also changes according to each country and manufacturer. It is important to check in advance. And I think that size is the most important for best condoms.


SMART BOY is made smaller in diameter. Most men often do not know how big their penis is in the erect state. Please refer to the penis size article, where you are located, how to measure, etc.

However, many people choose condom as a standard. Condoms also have a size and you need to choose the appropriate size. If you often drop off when using condoms, there is a possibility that the size is not conforming. Approximately the diameter of the penis is 31 mm or less, you need to wear an S size condom like that. This condom diameter is 31mm.

Choosing this SMART BOY is not embarrassing but is necessary for proper contraception. There is no indication of S size, it is written as smart so it is not known to partner. By purchasing online it is released from embarrassment and you can choose a fitting condom.


Super BIG BOY has a diameter of 37 mm. If you feel cramped with wearing a condom, this Super BIG BOY is necessary to stay more comfortable. Because it is an OKAMOTO condom brand of trust, it can be used with confidence. If you use a condom that is too small, the friction resistance will increase and a burden will be placed on the vagina. Choosing a larger condom leads to sex satisfaction as well.

3: PE, DE


What is PE, DE? what is that? PE is Premature Ejaculation. In general it says so that you will ejaculate within 1 minute after insertion. On the other hand, DE is an abbreviation for Delayed Ejaculation, which has no definition but seems to be called DE when 15 minutes or more than 20 minutes since the average ejaculation time is between 7 minutes and 12 minutes . Both of them are overkillingly delayed or prematurely contrary to the intention of the principal. Here we will introduce a condom that will be a solution for such PE and DE.


New GOKUATSU This is an introduction to condoms. This condom also has the potential to be the best condom for you. If you are a PE you will be impressed with this condom. Condoms for PE are types using partial anesthesia such as benzocaine and thick condom type like New GOKUATSU condom. This New GOKUATSU has about 3 times the thickness of normal condom, about 0.09 mm. There is ten times the thickness of the thin condom as earlier. Thick condoms save PE. Gently enveloping sensitive penis, it will delay your ejaculation time. It's a condom for the minute man. Alternatively you can use cockling or other methods to press on the penis. Of course OKAMOTO brand.

0.03 Real fit

OKAMOTO 0.03 Real fit is a solution for DE. This type of condom is made of latex, but its shape is very special. What is the reason why you are DE? There are various reasons, but if you feel that stimulation is insufficient, we recommend that you choose this condom. Normal condom has a straight shape, covering the erogenous band of the penis. Although it is said that the stimulation necessary for ejaculation is completed only at the glans head, the condom covers the erogenous zone which is the back of this glans head and gives room for margin. This condom is made so that the shape fits the penis, it is also close to the erogenous zone of your penis and also excellent as lubricated condoms and lubricant is attached from the beginning from the beginning. That helps smooth insertion.

Other type of condom, which is best?

Which type of condom is best?

There are many type of condoms in condoms. It must be available in varieties of features like lubricated condoms, ribbed, dotted, flavored condoms etc as consumer prefers. You may choose dotted and ribbed condom for extra sensation into a bedroom. Dotted and ribbed condom makes friction into the vaginal wall. The penetration through ribbed and dotted condom may provide steamy end for a female partner that may quench perfectly her flame of love. If you want a new stimulus, this type of condoms will be the best.

I want to increase stimulation

I want to increase stimulation

Do you always have the same sex? You're feeling boring with usual sex. Partners may be thinking about the same thing. When you get accustomed to surprising, you will not talk about the contents of sex. Even at such times stimulation may increase simply by slightly changing condoms. At that time, using ribbed condoms or dotted condom and changing the texture the stimulation of the condom will give the woman pleasure. Men also get excited that partners will feel different from usual way. I feel like I have my penis reborn.

Size is important

However, the most important thing is prevention of contraception and STDs etc. in condom. For that, I want to avoid falling out. Confirming your penis size and choosing fit condoms can be said to be the best condoms for you. Usually the average size of M size (normal) condom sold in India as normal size is about 33 to 36 mm in diameter. This is because there is a difference in the standard size depending on condoms manufacturers and brands.

Made of latex is a lot. The latex seems to fit because it has good elongation, but if your penis diameter does not match, choosing an appropriate size condoms will be the best condoms for you. Choose a small condom if you are smaller than this average, and a large condom if it is big, by precisely making the diameter of the erect penis.

It is embarrassing to purchase condoms themselves, although there are many people who do not care much, the most important thing. If shopping at the shop is embarrassing, we recommend you to search online. You can check the details over time and see information such as size and texture. You can also choose from various types.

And then, the penis size varies depending on the person, it is hard to say that this product is the best at pinpoint. If the size does not match, it drops off or friction gets extra and it breaks. The condom that fits perfectly is less likely to fall off and break accidents, become sephafer sex, more closely adhere, and can make stable sex. From peace of mind, both men and women can concentrate on sex and create even more pleasure. This is the best condoms.

Types of Condom Functionality

Dotted condoms

Dotted condoms are so popular among people. It keeps many dots on a condom or it is a dotted structured condom. It provides amazing friction in a vaginal wall while penis inserts. It is well known for the extra sensation into penis and vagina.

Ribbed condoms

Ribbed condoms are harsh in nature or on its surface that offers deep pleasure with great friction to couples during the sexual encounter. A ribbed condom will enable you to reach the sensational end.

Flavored condom

A flavoured condom is mostly known for a variety of fragrances and colours. Flavored condoms are available with many fragrances like banana, strawberry, chocolate flavour etc. that entice female partner in a sexual encounter when she tastes these condoms.

Latex condoms

Latex condoms are known for its stretchable quality. It keeps good elasticity that assists male partner to insert penis easily. It enhances the temptation too in intercourse. Likewise, non-latex condoms are not made of rubber. It is made by polyisoprene. These condoms contain no elasticity. It is neither soft nor smooth in use.

Ultra thin condoms

Thin or ultra thin condoms are prepared as thin shaped condoms. It is easy to use and provides another aspect of penetration. Its base is long and thin in shape that will stimulate vagina well.

Check the expiration date

It is mandatory to check the expiry date of any kind of condom whether it is male condom or female condom. It should keep long base with long space at its ending point to store orgasm after discharge according to penis size. Most condoms have a validity period of 5 to 10 years. We recommend that you do not use condom that is too old from deterioration of rubber and so on. I'm happy if it becomes a hint to find the best condom for you.Also, if you are ED, condom can help for ED.

Differences in Function Required by Male and Female Condoms

Differences in Function Required by Male and Female Condoms

There are a variety of condoms available in the market for male and female. Condoms are used in birth control or use as a contraceptive. It keeps secure from many sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, AIDS. A condom is very useful and easiest method to take in birth control. When using a male condom it is mandatory to read its instructions carefully for taking proper guidance. The proper instructions provide guidance to a user about its user. When having intercourse or having masturbation, take condom box and bring out a single condom piece from inside the box. Now tear off packet precisely. Then positioned gently the condom at the base of the penis. Put it on penis and start to rolling gradually. The result will come by opening the condom. The process will cover penis properly. Please do check that time, the condom should not tear off already.

When male ensures himself about penis if it has been covered properly. Then do start to penetrate penis into the vaginal wall. It is also helpful for masturbation needs. A condom will be enabled to delay ejaculation that will turn into steamy orgasm. When orgasm came, it will store an ending part of a condom that keeps penis skin protect from sticky orgasm. At last, don't forget to throw it outside. It is only for single use. When using a female condom, it is also mandatory to read its instructions to defer misguidance.

Female users need to put the condom gently and gradually into their vaginal wall. Female condom keeps two ends with rings, one is opened ring and another one is a closed ring. Opened ring wider than closed ring. The closed ring which is smaller placed on an inner side of the vagina. Now after placing condom properly, It will reach near to the cervix part. Then you may permit your male partner to insert his penis into vagina. Female condom will keep secure user from unwanted pregnancy. The female condom can also be used by them as a contraceptive. It is the easiest form of precaution among females if they want to take any capsules or pills.

Choose Best Condoms for Both Men and Women

Choose Nice Condoms for Both Men and Women

When purchasing condom whether it is male condom or it is female condom you should confirm first its expiry date. Now check the characteristics for taking in use. It should be supple and sleek. If need extra excitement, you may prefer dotted or ribbed condom that offers friction into a vagina. The condom ring must be of best quality. If the ring width is wider, it will expand the duration of sex. Condoms are available with many fragrances and flavours that will be beneficial for male and female. The condom must be secured from its inner and outer surface before taking in use. I hope that you will check the material, size etc. by this page and find the best condoms for you.