Why you should not buy condoms at shops, buy condoms online, Type and price, online which allows you to choose the condom that suits you.

Indian condoms information online.

Where is the correct answer to buy a condom? What?

Where is the correct answer to buy a condom? What?

How do you purchase when you buy a condam in india?

Are you in a shop like a pharmacy or Kirana?

Is it online?

The correct answer is to purchase condom online. There are two main reasons.

It's embarrassing

The first is the risk of being seen by someone. Many people feel that it is embarrassing when they are seen by friends and staff of shops and purchasing places. There are many people who are aware of condoms as embarrassing as one of them, as sexual things are often caught as taboo in India. Is there such a risk to be bother to buy it at the store?

Type and price

Another is price and type, or quality of goods. There are few shops handling a lot because you have to choose from those with stock in the store. Also, because there are many places where prices are sold at regular price, you can not say that it is profitable.

For these two reasons it is better to purchase online than to buy at a store.

Risk of buying condoms

Risk of buying condoms

It seems that condoms are common in the world that men buy manners. However, I do not think that there are few people who change the condom dignity saying how much men have to buy.

It is embarrassing feeling that it is certain that it is a sexual item even if we say everyday items. In men it is also a shameful condoms to buy, in recent years more women are also purchasing condom. Is it a way to prepare yourself for defending yourself against infection with STDs and for contraception yourself?

Also, as sex toys and other people who use condoms are on the increase, demand for condom continues to increase regardless of gender. But I can not see much that women are purchasing condoms at shops.

Actually, everyone is mostly purchasing online.

Currently you can purchase condoms at Amazon, Alibaba, etc. Also, because condoms can be purchased even at sex toys' EC site etc., many people buy condoms together with lubricants etc.

In adultproductsindia and SEXToys India there are also categories of condoms and you can choose from various condoms. Of course, if you purchase through the Internet, it will arrive directly at your house so you will not be seen by anyone unless you are opened outside of yourself. Why is not it so much that people buying online do not have shyness than purchasing at any store.

Cheap price for abundant types

Cheap price for abundant types

You can also see various information before purchasing, you can choose from size and function etc. It is embarrassing to buy while thinking which one is among the few kinds of condoms at a store.

If you are online you can access it from the smartphone, you can choose from many kinds of condoms by looking at various information. There should be plenty of condom you do not know yet. like ribbed condoms, flavored condoms, thin condoms, lubricated condoms, thick condoms).

Even here we introduce many kinds of condoms, but it may be good to try not only Indian domestic but also Japanese and American condoms. Especially, what I recommend is a thin condom in Japan. There is only 0.01 mm, it is said that it is nearly as thin as the limit at this stage, close to raw feeling.

I have used various condoms, but if I recommend it to my friends, is not it OKAMOTO 0.01 in this red package?

Also, you can find prices by going around various sites, but in most cases it is often cheaper than regular price. Also, although the shipping fee is a concern, there are many places where shipping costs are free if you purchase to a certain extent, so it is one thing to purchase plenty.

But condoms have an expiration date so let's be careful there only.

Disadvantages online

Disadvantages online

I've recommended very much online so far, but there are disadvantages even when buying online. Whether the delivery is compatible with the area you live in and whether there is a difference in the delivery period etc.

I definitely need a condom now. At that time you can not use online. Is not it ok to purchase condom at shops except at such a time that it is manners to prepare condoms beforehand?

Even as a manager I usually buy a condom online, although I purchase the site on various sites, I do not purchase at all at the store. Delivery in India still takes about a week, so it will come when you forget to purchase in advance.

Also, COD is recommended for those who say that you can not trust at adult sites. Because it is cash on delivery so you do not have to pay if you do not receive it so it may be okay to order when you feel like it.