How to deal with condom breakage, cause and corrective action

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Confirm it when the condom is torn

After using condoms and ejaculation I noticed that the condam was torn. Have you experienced such a thing? I do not want to think too much, but it will happen easily in reality, so it is important to deal with it properly.

Basically it is correct usage(How to use) to always put the condom before inserting it. Various types of condoms are sold, but it can be said to any condom. And if you break the condom you have to think about the following three things.

  • Pregnancy
  • Sexually transmitted disease(STD)
  • HIV

Possibility of pregnancy

Of course the use of condoms is not the best contraceptive purpose? The condoms' contraceptive effect is 0 if the condoms that protect them are torn. Also depending on where you ejaculated, sperm is leaking during insertion while you are ejaculating outside the vagina. The possibility of pregnancy alone will rise. As a countermeasure avoid the act of washing the vagina. Even if you rush and wash it is already too late.

As sperm required for pregnancy is enough, in the present situation, bacteria and sperm may be pushed further into the inside even if you wash the inside of the vagina. Just wash the outside.

And what matters is that if you do not want to really get pregnant it is advisable to take immediate contraceptive medicine immediately. You can get prescribed at the hospital, but you need to take it within 72 hours. The shorter the time between sexing a condom and taking emergency contraceptive medicine, contraception will succeed.

Currently it is possible to purchase in advance, and there are many people preparing for emergency.

Potential for sexually transmitted diseases

Condoms also have the effect of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. But this will also be ineffective by breaking the condom. Many infections are caused by mucosal contact, contact with body fluids. There are also diseases that do not develop immediately, and many do not know whether it is infected. However, sex with someone you do not trust often causes sexually transmitted diseases. Let's refrain from sex for a while and check the safety of the genitals. If you are worried, let's test at the hospital.

Possibility of HIV

HIV is the most terrible disease because of illness that moves with sex. Even though you think it is safe because you are in a condom, if the condom breaks, if you have a sex partner infected with HIV, you may be infected.

If you are worried about whether you are infected with HIV, we recommend examination immediately. Early detection can delay the onset of AIDS. However, it is not so if we say that HIV virus can be found in the blood immediately even though we have sex which the condom breaks. , It is important to receive a re-examination after about 3 months from sex which may have infection to obtain accurate test results.

Main reason why condom breaks

Learn the reason why condom breaks and try to have safe sex. Although there may be problems with the quality of the original condoms, since there are many things that are currently manufactured under strict examination, what are the other causes?

The cause can be thought of in the list below.

  • Scratches when pulling out of a bag
  • Scratches during installation
  • Scratches in blow job
  • Genitalia is not wet
  • Size does not match
  • I am not deflating
  • Storage method is bad
  • Expired

There are reasons such as. If you use it basically correctly you can use contraception correctly, the effect is over 90%. However, there are also a lot of cases that you are worried by wearing it with a rush. Moreover, it can happen in various situations such as not being able to be installed correctly because it is dark, inserting it although the female genitals from the tension are not wet. You can reduce the risk of breaking by firmly taking measures.

Scratches on the condom

Condoms are very thin. Currently it is the thinnest condom, 0.01 mm. Conversely, there is about 0.1 mm thick condom. However, I think that thinness is realized in either case. There is a timing when it gets scratched, so you can improve by paying attention.

Scratches when pulling out from a bag or mounting

When I insert it from now on, I am generally excited and I often open up with momentum. Moreover, scratching the condom with teeth, nails, etc. may be hurt before you notice it. Also, when a woman opens it, the nail may be damaged due to its long nail. Also nails should not hurt when the shorter one touches the vagina. It can be said that one man's manner of manners. Let's prepare the nails beautifully before sex. Let's open it slowly when opening the condom.

Scratches in blow job

Using condom during oral sex is very effective as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. However, if it is damaged by a tooth and inserted as it is, it may be torn. Small holes in the condom are opened with teeth and nails, and from there it is often torn with severe sex. As a countermeasure, it is important to change condom for blow job and insert. Condoms are necessary for oral sex. Let's exchange condoms for mutual health and contraception.

Vagina is not ready

If the vagina dries or is not getting wet enough. The surface may be damaged by friction between the condom and the vagina and it may break. If the lubrication is insufficient, you will also feel pain, so do not force insertion. It is important to make a firm atmosphere and relax women. If you can not get wet, you can solve it by using lubricant.

The size does not match

Basically condoms have size. People's size is also different for each person. Condoms are elastic because they are rubber products, but if you are using something smaller than penis size, there is a possibility that the condom will be torn. Before buying a condom, you know your penis size and if you are larger than the standard you should purchase an L size condom.

We are not deflating

When installing a condom, it is the work which pulls out this air. It happens when you wear it in a hurry, it may be damaged by the air entering. As a precaution, when attaching a condom, it is important to hold the tip tightly and pull out the air.

Storage method and deadline are past

Although the storage method and the deadline are also described in other articles, it is highly likely that many condoms stored simply in a bad environment are already deteriorated. Attention is necessary especially when keeping it in the window or in the car etc because it is vulnerable to heat.


Basically it is important to deal with firmly when the condom is torn. There is also the possibility of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. However, it will solve it by dealing with it without being impatient. Depending on how to break and timing, there are cases that you do not have to worry about so far, but it can not be said that you are not pregnant or infected only with a low possibility. Let's check firmly with a medical institution.