Why is condom painful? Detailed explanation of each cause and solution

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Condoms feel that hurts? WHY?

Condoms feel that hurts? WHY?

In India, as a contraceptive device, its name recognition and usage are the highest condoms, but there are times when you feel pain when using it. Perhaps it is just yourself and you may not be able to talk to anyone. But this is not uncommon and it can happen to anyone. This time I will explain the pain that occurs in this condom.

Causes of condom painful

Condoms are important items as prevention of contraception and sexually transmitted diseases(STDs). Although the contraceptive rate is not 100%, various types are sold in countries other than India because it is easy to use and has fewer side effects than medicines such as pills. Latex condom such as thin condoms, ribbed condoms, flavored condoms are popular. Nowadays condoms of materials other than latex are also sold, and it also supports allergies and others.

Well, I will mention what can be thought of as a cause for condoms to hurt.

  • Female vessels are not moist enough.
  • I have rubber allergy.
  • The inside of the vagina is nervous.
  • Condoms expired and old.
  • Condom storage method is bad.
  • Pubic hair is involved.
  • It moves right after insertion.

There is such a cause. We will look at each problem closely and explain the solution method.

Female vessels are not wet

Female vessels are not wet

The most common cause is friction caused by use of condoms. This is the root cause and there are many patterns that cause pain. If the female aesthetic is insufficient, the friction increases and the inside of the vagina rubs and it is accompanied by pain. This pain becomes a trauma, it becomes uneasy against sexual acts after that, and female genitalia becomes more difficult to moisturize. Beyond men, women need attention because their physical condition is easy to change with their stress. Also because it is easy to dry, you may feel pain from the middle even thinking that it is firmly moist.

And due to aging female hormone decreases, the inside of the vagina is also easy to dry. In that case too often the friction becomes strong.

As this is due to the dryness of the vagina, it is often relatively easy to review on the male side. The solution is as follows.

Do your foreplay well

Anyway, this is the best. Even if you plan on doing it well on your own, have your feelings been advanced and inserted? Your self-contained sex not only does not satisfy your opponent, but it also leads to sex with pain. As a result, the vagina dries and the friction of the rubber of the condom turns into pain. It is important to insert it after making it ready to accept it firmly to the partner.

For that reason it makes sense for a woman to feel pleasant and to play foreplay firmly until it makes me say "I want you to insert".

Basically, young women have libido, vaginal lubricating fluid is actively secreted, but this is also different depending on the constitution. Easy to get wet, there are individual differences that are difficult to get wet.

Also, you have an obligation to relax your partner. By eliminating anxiety and satisfying you will be ready for insertion. If a woman erects like a man she will not be ready. It is important to understand the feelings of women until they are ready to receive them firmly.

Use condoms with lubricated jelly and gel lot

Use condoms with lubricated jelly and gel lot

Some people use the technique before inserting it, but they will still dry up. In such a case use lubricated condoms. Although some lubricant is attached to condoms originally to protect the rubber, it supports insertion by using lubricated condoms with more lubricant jelly etc. attached.

As a recommendation, you should use Glamorous Butterfly condom Moist (500) or Extremely thin 1000 12P.

These products are coated with lubricating ingredients rather than conventional ones, resulting in a condom that reduces friction and supports smooth insertion. It is made in Japan so you can use it with confidence.

Use lotion and lubricating jelly

In addition to using lubricated condoms, it is also effective to use lubricants. But beware of the type of lubricant to use. Lubricants such as condoms and oil type (silicone type) are not compatible and there is a possibility of deteriorating condom.

It is recommended that those that respond to condoms pain and so on are easy to wipe with safe ingredients even if they enter the vagina. ASTROGLIDE etc. boasts tremendous popularity in USA etc. as a substitute for love juice.

Apply a small amount of lubricant to the condom and insert it, eliminating friction resistance and reducing pain.

I have rubber allergy

I have rubber allergy

Some people are allergic to latex. There is a possibility that allergies may be caused by the ingredients of natural rubber, and you may have developed a rubber allergy before you realize it. Itching and pain using condoms may be allergic to rubber. I may not ask for condom allergy so much, but allergies at latex are becoming major now.

In such a case I have the option of using sex without using condoms, but please wait a moment.

Please think about contraception and the risk of disease. There are countermeasures even in such cases.

Use condoms other than latex

The easiest thing is to make the material of the condoms you purchase be other than latex. If you search now with non-latex condoms you will see a lot of condoms not made of latex. Latex condom makes up more than 90%, but condom of material such as polyurethane and polyisoprene is also popular in recent years. If you are allergic to latex I recommend using this condoms. There is no worry about rubber allergy.

It is also famous for feeling as if you are doing "Law sex" because it is also excellent in thermal conductivity. It is recommended to use a condom other than latex because there are many condom with very good sensitivity.

Among them, OKAMOTO 0.01 is a polyurethane condom that realized the thinnest 0.01 mm among condom. It is recommended by very famous OKAMOTO manufacturer in Japan that it is manufactured with very high quality with both safety and quality.

Use condoms for women

As a choice, the use of female condom is also effective against allergies. Because you are using polyurethane or polyether material, rubber allergy does not occur.

The inside of the vagina is nervous

The inside of the vagina is nervous

Pressure is applied to the inside of the vagina, which may strengthen friction and feel pain. The tightness narrows the vagina from the tension, sometimes preventing penis invasion. Often it is caused by not being able to control vaginal pressure and being unable to relax.

Relax a woman

Regarding tension you need to relax your partner. To be nervous is that the partner is not ready for insertion yet. It is important to eliminate the uneasy things that are the source of tension, and create a firm atmosphere with kisses and foreplay. It is also a gentleman 's role to ease women' s tension. Sex embracing each other enhances quality further.

Train the vagina

As a control of vaginal pressure, what the female side can do is vaginal training. By repeating this training you can stay flexible vagina. The surroundings of the vagina are made of muscles, and the birthing is made to stretch. Therefore, if you train that muscle by training beforehand, you will be able to control vaginal pressure.

Even people who do not have pain, there are also means to do training to get even more pleasure using vaginal training toys such as inner balls.

Condoms are old

Condoms are old

It is described in detail on the page of condom expiration date, but do you remember when you bought a condom?

Natural rubber latex and polyurethane condoms will degrade over time. Old condoms are also at risk of breakage and contraceptive effect is low. Since condoms are very delicate, they may deteriorate with one method of storage, and it is necessary to store them in the correct way.

Condom storage method is bad

As a solution, first keep the expiration date. It is said that the expiration date of a condom is generally 5 years, but there is no safe guarantee if it is said that it is OK even if it is used in 5 years. It is a good idea to fill in the box etc the date of purchase. Let's try new condoms as much as possible. Even if you buy a large amount as it is embarrassing to purchase condoms, it does not make sense if it gets degraded.

Currently you can purchase various types of condoms online etc, so it's better to purchase condom according to usage frequency.

Also avoid direct sunlight avoiding high temperature as a storage method. It also reacts to insecticides and copper products and deteriorates. Do not keep it together with those that degrade condom.

It moves right after insertion

It moves right after insertion

It is also caused that the condom scratches and feels it hurts that it moves immediately after insertion. The vagina will fit the penis. However, if you move with pleasure without considering this fitting time, friction will occur as if pulling in the wall inside the vagina, leading to pain.

Do not move immediately after insertion. It does not matter whether the partner is really pleasant even if you imitate pornographic videos etc. After inserting penis, wait until calm down by doing hugs and kissing as it is for a while. Just changing for a few seconds will change a lot.

Did you move right after inserting it?

involve pubic hair

If you get pubic hair etc. on the condom at the time of insertion, it also leads to pain. The length is different for each person. Although genitals which are being shaved are also not very often seen due to their popularity due to the feeling of cleanliness, beware of pubic hair involvement as well.

Countermeasures for cases of any condom hurting

Countermeasures for cases of any condom hurting

I have introduced various solutions to date. However, if any way you feel pain, you may not be able to put on a condom. In that case let's use other contraceptive measures.

Although prevention of sexually transmitted diseases can not be done, there are options such as pills. However, it is important to judge firmly whether the pain is due to condoms or other diseases. It is because it may already be suffering from inflammation and infection.

In such cases please be sure to consult at a medical institution.

When a penis is hurting when a condom is attached

When a penis is hurting when a condom is attached

In rare cases, the penis may hurt when wearing a condom. Condoms are rubber products, so they will stretch and shrink. However, there are cases where the size does not match or it is wrong to use.

Male health equipment is big and condom is small

Sometimes the penis is too big and a normal size condoms hurts. I do not think I will compare the erect penis, but do you know your penis size? If your penis size is larger than the standard you need to purchase a larger condom. Using a condom that does not fit in size will also reduce the effectiveness of contraception.

How to wear a condom is bad

If you do not use condoms correctly, you may feel pain. You need to learn how to use condoms properly, but are not they mostly using men in own current? Somehow, with such a feeling, there is a possibility that you are doing wrong usage possibly.

If it hurts please see how to use condoms page.



There is a cause in something if you feel that the condom is sore. Because it is unexpectedly easy to solve, there are also causes such as allergies and diseases such as inflammation. Considering flexibility to think from various angles and consulting with a medical institution when pain does not draw up is important. Please send us the best sex life with the best condom.