Risks and side effects of condom. Methods for those who do not want to fail contraception

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Are there side effects when using condom for men? What?

Are there side effects when using condom for men? What?

It is the condom of contraceptive method and contraceptive tool most selected by Indians.

We will introduce the risks of using it. Basically there is nothing called a side effect by using a condom. But the risk of born by using it is obvious. If you use condoms 100% contraception is not possible either even you use your best condom. There are other risks.

  • Contraceptive rate drastically decreases if you make a mistake in usage
  • There is no effect of 100%
  • Allergic reactions may occur
  • Decrease pleasure
  • Skin rubs with rubber irritation

Effect of condoms

  • Contraception
  • Protect from STDs

You need to understand these risks when using condoms.

Purpose and risk of using condoms

Purpose and risk of using condoms

We will explain in detail risks and side effects caused by using condom. If you have sex with a condom there is a reason to use a condom there. I think most of them are using contraceptive effects and infection prevention such as STDs.

It is important to know more about contraception in order to spend safe and secure with important partners. I will talk about such a risk here.

False contraception due to misuse of usage

It is this usage method that is said to be the cause of a sharp decline in contraceptive effect rather than risk. There are many things that can not be used in a correct way because proper usage, installation timing etc will necessarily be personal matter.

Of course, wearing a condom is also caused by excitement and impatience in sexuality, but there are cases where correct knowledge does not exist. For example, condoms can be attached not only at the time of ejaculation, but also before wearing and wearing completely erect. Both are necessary for contraception, the probability of contraceptive failure rises just by making a mistake. If you use condom to prevent contraception and STDs, you need to use it correctly.

When to wear a condom

When wearing a condom, be sure to wear it before inserting it. It is meaningless to wear a condom only during ejaculation. It can not prevent pregnancy nor sexually transmitted diseases. Some viruses infect only mucosa contact. In addition, sperm will leak not only at the time of ejaculation. Always wear a condom before inserting the penis into the vagina.

How to store, Let's use a new one

The condoms will degrade. Although we have decided each expiration date for each maker, please be careful to use it as soon as possible after purchasing. Condoms are deteriorated day by day. Especially, because it is vulnerable to heat, condoms that have been left at high temperature will also cause breakage and there is a risk to use. Let's not let go of what the condoms were torn when you took out the penis after ejaculation.

Size and shape

The size of the penis is different for each person. There is a possibility that risk of contraceptive failure may increase due to size difference. Knowing the standard size of condoms, it is important to choose a condom that fits your penis size. If your penis is small than nomally, you should use Small size condom.

Degradation due to use of oil-based lubricant

Using a lubricant has no problem. However, oil-based lubricants can degrade condoms. Baby lotion and petrolatum can also cause deterioration.

100% contraceptive effect?

100% contraceptive effect?

Failure rate is 3% if used correctly, but failure rate can reach 14% if general usage is used. There are also materials of academic societies that there are many people who use the wrong way of using it. It may fail due to various reasons as well as listed above. Contraception in condom is not 100%, so it is important to understand the risk. It is same as female condom too.

Are you allergic to condoms?

Potential of condom allergy may also be considered. It is an allergic reaction by rubber which is increasing in recent years. The rubber material is latex. This latex is used not only for rubber gloves and balloons but also for condoms. It is possible that allergy may be caused by itchy or inflammation after sex is over.


Latex is a milky white liquid secreted when hurting rubber tree bark, natural rubber. Protein, alkaloid, sugar and various ingredients are included. Some people make an allergic reaction by touching this ingredient. It is widely used from what is used for medical use to condoms.

Many symptoms

The most common latex allergy is hives. The contacted part becomes red and itches it. Other symptoms of wheal and blisters are also seen.

If you are allergic to latex. . .

If you are allergic to latex. . .

After the sex is over, the genitals may be itchy, maybe sexually transmitted diseases. I would like to doubt so, do not you? There is a doubt of latex allergy if you were using condoms if you could. Can you use a condom in that case? As you may think, many condoms currently using materials other than latex are sold.

Currently known as a thin condom, the 0.01 mm condom is made of polyurethane. Because it is not latex, there is no rubber odor peculiar to condoms and it is popular as the thinnest material. Many people say that the sensitivity is also higher on polyurethane.

I personally like polyurethane condom because it does not smell. Of course I think that the feeling of wearing of a condom is also forgotten. However, it is set higher than the ordinary condoms.

Cure for latex allergy

Unfortunately, no definite treatment has been developed. If you have been diagnosed with allergy, we will take countermeasures. If you reduce the number of times you touch it, you may be able to improve sensitive reactions. And latex allergy is not born inborn. Use condoms other than latex and be careful at medical institutions.

About pleasant feeling in condom

About pleasant feeling in condom

The feeling of wearing of this condom, which is absolutely necessary to use a condom. Even though it is as thin as 0,03 mm, there is a difference in sensitivity. In comparison between men and women, there are also many people who do not know the difference so much that men have a questionnaire that clearly understands this difference. I think that the presence or absence of a condom greatly affects pleasure. To be honest, I would like to have sex without doing a condom, but risk of sexually transmitted diseases and risk of pregnancy are inevitable.

Various condoms are now on sale in order to eliminate the decrease in sensitivity when wearing a condom. Thin condoms are one of them. As I mentioned earlier, condoms of materials other than latex are attracting much attention. It is a condom which succeeded in reducing the discomfort of wearing condoms due to high thermal conductivity.

Friction at condom

As condoms are rubber products, friction becomes stronger when the inside of the vagina is dry. Rubbing with mucous membranes may cause the skin to get scratched and hurt. It is also a cause of sexual pain. It is said that pain is more likely to be felt by women than men. The condoms are in close contact with the penis. In that case you can reduce friction by using a water-soluble lubricant. There are also lubricated condoms and others, some of which have lubricants already.