How to choose a best size condom suitable for you? Use best condoms according your penis size for pleasurable sex

Indian condoms information online.

Standard size of condoms with different brands?

Condom size, what is average in the standard? Is your penis average?

Condoms are most popular contraceptive method in India. There is an effect that you can easily purchase and prevent infection of STDs, but are you using the correct condoms size? If you make a mistake on how to use condoms and selecting condom size, you may fail to use contraception.

It is said that the average size of the condom ring's diameter is 32 mm to 36 mm. On the outer circumference is 10.0 cm - 11.3 cm. It is important to know how this is compared with your penis.

The size of this standard size varies depending on brand and manufacturer. KamaSutra Condom, Kohinoor Condom, Durex Condom, Okamoto Condom, etc. There are slight differences in the standard size selling by each manufacturer. Check some of them.

Average condom sizes(mm) 34 36 38 44
Magnum condom sizes(mm) - - - 54
Trojan condom sizes(mm) 50 53 54 54

Condom size v/s penis size?

As, we discuss, various sizes are present in condoms. Condom you are using is right size for you? The fit feeling on the condom plays a very important role. It is not just we need to wear a condom. Do your condoms match the size of your penis? The size is very important on the condom being manufactured. Just because you do not know, maybe you are using a condom that does not fit in size. It is difficult to express the correct fitness of the condom, and only the person who understands it is difficult, so it is hard to notice that the size is different. Also, large size and small size condoms are not readily sold at shop front, it is also hard to find.

Currently condoms are made with reference to the average size of the penis. There are many condoms made of latex, and this latex is elastic so it freely stretches. Therefore, some people think that it is "Free size because it is a rubber?" Because it stretches freely, some errors are made okay. However, there is a perfect size even if it stretches. Because it is made with average penis size, it is the most popular condoms in size. However, there are many Indian men with penis size other than average. How about you? Are u out of an average of a penis?

When buying clothes, what do you do when you find the clothes you like? Have you ever wear a tailor-made suit? Fitting your body is a very important thing. If you are L size, would you like to wear an S size shirt? First of all, it is important to know the standard and compare it with the size of your own penis. You need to choose the fit size best condoms to make your sex life better.

Indian n World average penise size

average erect penis size for different countries map

According to this map, India seems to be the lowest size along with Sri Lanka and Thailand. It is a humiliating result called smallest.

The results are as follows.

16.10 - 17.9 centimetres (largest)

Countries with the largest average penis size were many African countries such as Ghana and Nigeria. There are also certainly big images.

Ghana, Gabon, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria

14.7 - 16.10 centimetres

The next largest group seems to be larger on average in survey in Australia, Norway and other countries.

Australia, Italy, Norway, Mexico, South Africa

12.9 - 14.7 centimetres

It is the average size of the penis and in the middle zone is the country of the United States, Britain, Europe. European countries and the country also have a big image of the penis.

United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain

10.5 - 12.9 centimetres

Next is Russia, Japan, Brazil etc. Size is not much different from India.

Russia, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Greece

9.30 - 10.5 centimetres (smallest)

And the lowest group is India, Thailand, Korea and other countries. It is very humiliating to say that it is the smallest. But if you are over 10.5 cm it will be more than average in India.

India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea,

Confirm Your Size, How to Measure?

Confirm Your Size, How to Measure?

Condoms are manufactured with a good material of latex or rubber which is taking in use as a precaution in sexual encounters. A condom provides protection against sexual diseases. It protects well from HIV, AIDS etc. Whenever going to take condom on a shop, you must be conscious about your penis size. You can measure your penis length too after getting erected. Measuring the penis will assist you to take an appropriate condom. You may prefer extra long condom also that will not interrupt your sexual encounter. Fitting yourself from various types of condoms will be a shortcut to pleasure and not condoms to be defeated.

Size of your penis

Do you know the size of your penis? If you are a man you may have measure your penis with a ruler at least once. But the important thing in a condom is diameter(width), not length.

The length will naturally change depending on the thickness, but the size of the condom is important in the size of the diameter. I also did so, but what I actually measured was the length. It seems that there are many cases where measurement of thickness does not much.

Why is not the length, the diameter important? The reason is simple. It is because the condom is originally made longer and the length is never a problem. In the case of thickness, it will affect the presence of pleasure and contraceptive effect if the size does not match. There is no difference in size for female condom, but for men, there is a big difference in size.

But as you are seeing this page, at least you realize that you have the size of a condom. Knowing exactly the size of your penis is one way to choose the appropriate condom size. Here we will introduce the size of such a condom as it varies according to shape, manufacturer, brand and country. I am praying for finding the best condom for you.

Measurement method of penis

Here we will introduce the penis measurement method. First of all, how big is your penis? I think that there are also many people who want to know the exact method of measuring.

Although it is also described above, the result of the investigation that the average penis size in India is 10.5 centimetres has come out. This is the average of the length of the penis. Although it is said that it is small in the world, this length is commonly called the size as well. Here also we will introduce the method of measuring the length, but for the proper condoms, what matters is not the length but the size of the width (diameter). It is also important to measure the length, but let's examine what condoms meet by measuring the width together.

Find out the length of the penis

Find out the length of the penis

Let's grasp the length first to know your penis. As a precaution in a drawing, measure it with 100% erection. As a way to measure it is measured by the distance from the pubic bone that is also defined medically. Measure the length by placing the ruler vertically against the pubic bone. If there is pubic hair or fat, press it until it hits the pubic bone. Let's not get injured by the ruler at this time. Since we are defining the length of the penis from the pubic bone inside the body, the ruler bites in somewhat. Let's not press the ruler too much because you want to increase the size.

From the root to the tip of the glans penis and its length is your penis size. How is it? Is it bigger than the average 10.5 centimetres of Indian penis? And here the length is not very relevant to condoms. The problem is the width (diameter) to measure next.

Find out the width of the penis

Find out the width of the penis

Please prepare a ruler again. And we also measure with 100% erection. Place a penis erected on a plane such as a desk and measure the ruler on the thickest part of the shaft. Place a ruler perpendicular to the penis and visually measure it from above. It would be nice if there were instruments that aimed at the exclusive width. It can measure enough by visual observation. And this size will be your penis size important in choosing condoms. Apply to the list below and let's know your condom size.

  • S size 27 mm to 31 mm
  • M size 32 mm to 36 mm
  • L size 37 mm to 42 mm
  • XL size 43 mm ~

There are many condoms about 32 mm which are often sold as standard sizes. This standard size will change according to manufacturer and country, but let's use it as a guide. If you are a penis with a thicker diameter than M size you should choose a condom of larger size. And if your diameter is less than 30 mm, you can use S size condoms to prevent dropouts and meet more fitting condoms.