What is the condom contraceptive rate and other contraceptives?

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What is the contraceptive rate of condoms?

What is the contraceptive rate of condoms?

There are many contraceptive methods, but it is not so if you say that there is 100% contraceptive rate in every method. Among them, contraception in a condom is also common in India. Of course, there is also the purpose of prevention of STDs, but at the same time, it is often used for contraception purposes.

The contraceptive rate of the condom is said to be 85%. Among them, including cases where the use of condoms is incorrect or damaged. Depending on the method of use and timing, pregnancy is possible, so it can not be said that condom alone can be contraceptive enough.

What is a condom?

Condoms are made of latex or polyurethane on men's penis, varying from a thin condom of 0.01 mm to a thick condom of 0.09 mm. It is a contraceptive device that prevents invasion of sperm at the time of ejaculation into the vagina and is also useful for prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Condoms and contraception

The usage rate in India is condoms which are also high in the world. Now you can purchase online and so on, so you can get it relatively easily. It is a popular contraceptive method because it can prevent contraception and infection of STDs just by wearing it on a male penis. However, the contraceptive rate of condoms is not 100%, there are also disadvantages as it may be misused or torn. Because it is not well recognized about the correct usage, it is also caused to wear it just before ejaculation.

Reasons to become pregnant even if wearing a condom

Reasons to become pregnant even if wearing a condom

I will tell you that the contraceptive rate of condom is not 100%. But why would you get pregnant wearing a condom? I will tell you the reason here.

When to install

You must wear a condom at the right timing. The timing is not just before ejaculation but erection. You need to wear a condom before inserting. If you do insert a condom without inserting it, sperm will leak little by little from the penis. Even this alone has the possibility of pregnancy.

Condom dropout

As a possibility that condoms may fall off, the erection force and the size of the condom are related. The condom is made of rubber so it is made to fit the penis. But penis size varies depending on country and race. Condom that can be purchased in India can be purchased from various country condoms via the Internet. Attaching a condom that matches your penis size is one of measures to prevent falling out.

Also when wearing on a penis it is necessary to completely erect. If you put on a condom without inserting erections and insert it, this is also a reason for falling out. There is a fear that condoms may come off in the vagina. Please be careful enough.

Condom breakage

If you got sex with a condom and the ejaculation ended, and when you took out the penis from my vagina the condom broke. I do not want to do such horrible things. Condoms will also deteriorate. Lee who was simply using an old condom, the possibility of being damaged by a nail or a tooth by opening nail or a tooth, or being damaged is hiding everywhere. However, this can also be prevented beforehand by careful and careful use correctly.

Leaked sperm after sex

Because it leaks out between the penis and condoms which became small after the ejaculation or the condom gets detached when pulling out. Let's remove genitals promptly and remove condoms after ejaculation.

Contraceptive methods other than condoms

Contraceptive methods other than condoms

There are many methods of contraception besides condoms. There are low dose pills, contraceptive surgery, pessaries, IUD (contraceptive ring), spermicides and so on.

Low dose pill

The low dose pill is an oral contraceptive, it is a method to control female hormone taken in the body as a medicine so as not to cause ovulation. It also has the merit of correctly improving menstruation by taking it every day. It is said that the contraceptive rate is 99% by taking it correctly, but if you forget to drink, the contraceptive effect will go down.

Contraceptive surgery

Contraceptive surgery will be an operation that connects the fallopian tube in the case of a female and the sperm in the case of a male. Once you have surgery you can expect a contraceptive effect semi-permanently, but it is considered difficult to restore it.


A pessary is a method to put a rubber cap on the entrance of the uterus and prevent sperm from entering. I will wear it myself before sex. The contraceptive rate will fluctuate depending on size and mounting method.

IUD (intrauterine contraceptive device)

IUD is a method to put the equipment made of plastics or metal in the womb so that fertilized eggs do not land. Once installed, several years can be used without trouble and a high contraceptive rate of 99% can be expected.

Spermicidal agent

Spermicide is a method of contraception using medicine that kills sperm in the vagina. There are the jelly type and film type, both of which are inserted into the vagina before sex. It takes a few minutes until the effect appears and the sustained effect is short, so you have to do ejaculation at that time. The contraceptive rate when it is used correctly is said to be about 75%.

Combined use for contraception

Combined use for contraception

Here I have introduced the contraceptive rate with condoms and other contraceptive methods, but none guarantee 100% contraception definitely in anyone. Condoms are also the easiest contraceptive method, but it is a difficult contraceptive method unless the male side is cooperative.

If you do not want to get pregnant, there is also a condom for women(female condom) as contraception that can be done by women's intention instead of leaving them to men. There are other methods of contraception. Moreover, I think that there are many people who are anxious only with condoms. At that time, by using these contraceptives in combination, we can make birth control succeed with the even higher establishment.