Do condom expiry? What is expiration date of condom and how long they last?

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Does condom expire?

What is the expiration day of a condom?

Yes, everything has expiry date.

Most of condom had expiry date that is printed on the condom packages. If expiration printed day is passed, means now this condom is expiry. It is not good to use expiry date. The expired condom reduces its effectiveness.

What is the expiration day of a condom?

Condam (Condom), which is currently the most contraceptive method in India. It is a popular contraceptive method because it is easy to wear it on a male penis so there is no side effect, unlike drugs. But it is good until it is used in its given time.

Now what is good time to use condom or what is expiry date of condom?

We all are concerned about the expiration date of condoms? Although I do not check it much, the use of a expired condom is very dangerous. The effectiveness of contraception and the risk of infection with STDs increase dramatically.

Do you know that condoms have a deadline? I do not care too much because it is not food, but the condom has a proper deadline. The condoms that have been passed years since they are manufactured are often deteriorated. It does not demonstrate the effect of condoms.

If you use a old condom with an partner after a long time, let's check the deadline firmly so that it will not be said that it has been torn.

And it is easy to say where the expiration date is written. It is stated firmly in the outer box of the condom.

We often discarded the box after purchasing a condom, only the contents were kept, but likewise, you are not able to check the expiration date later. So for now what i am doing is, keeping the condom with a box. Even if you find the best condom, you may be mistaking your usage(how to use) just because you do not know the preservation method or the deadline.

Expiration date is about 5 years

Expiration date is about 5 years

The expiration date is writing like this in a box. If you search somewhere, it should be listed as a due date. The expiration date of the condoms is made around roughly 5 years as a guide. Current mainstream latex products are 5 years, while others may be longer.

Although it may be thought that it is expiration time of condfom material. Condoms are made from rubber, but they get damage. If you leave a rubber band or alike thing, it will degrade and will be torn down. This is same with condoms, it is deteriorating day by day even if it is in the bag. If the there is hole in condom package, then deterioration rate will get more faster.

This 5-year deadline is 5 years if it is kept in the correct state. The expiration date of condoms gets decrease if it kept in a poor environment. I do not know how it looks if I use a deteriorated condom, but it will be torn in the way. In order to protect, let's keep it in a firm and correct way.

Correct storage method to prevent condom to get expire.

 Correct storage method to prevent condom to get expire

The condition of the condom will change by the storage method. Of course, it can not be used until the expiration date written on the box of the condom in case of incorrect storage method.

High temperature and humid place

Condoms are rubber products. It is very sensitive to heat and easy to deteriorate in hot places. It will degrade if placed in direct sunlight etc. If you place a condom in a place that is likely to get hot, such as on the window side of the bedside, on the dashboard of the car or near indirect lighting, it is already deteriorated when you use it. Let's keep it in a cool place as much as possible.

Near insect repellent

I think that there are many people keeping them on the closet or shelf as a storage place for condoms. It is not bad to keep it in your underwear. But what you must be careful is insect repellent. If a chemical substance is beside it, its ingredients may deteriorate condoms.

In the wallet

Many men keep a condom in the wallet? I was the same.

However, in the wallet, it seems that the condom is settled very narrowly. But the condom and the coin rub against it, the hole might open, the bag might torn due to pressure etc., it may be get dry or damage before using it. Do not store condoms in your wallet.

In the makeup pouch

In the case of women, some people putcondoms in the makeup pouch? Even inside the makeup pouch, it may deteriorate in response to ingredients of cosmetics. When carrying a condom, do not keep it with other things because there is a possibility of danger even within the expiration date.

Safe storage method and carrying method

Safe storage method and carrying method

Condoms are vulnerable to heat, light, chemical products. If the storage anywhere for that? There is a doubt. As the best place to place it is in the drawer of the bedside table which is easy to take out even when you have sex. Or I would like a desk drawer inside. If it is not possible to keep it as a box, you need to keep a memorandum of remembering the approximate number of years. It is best to keep boxes together if possible. It is also a method of putting it in a business card holder and putting it in a hard case dedicated to condoms. When carrying, a small hard case is recommended.

However, glass or plastic desks do not make much sense because they go through sunlight. It is important to keep it where it gets dark. Also, do not put any cosmetics such as perfume or lipstick in the same drawer.

Storage method is also a concern for a condom, but it is very important. Do not forget to keep it correctly for proper use of condoms.

Do not use expired condoms? Why?

Do not use expired condoms

Although I have explained various ways of storage so far, it is still best to throw away old condoms, condom whose expiration date has expired. There is no meaning if the condom is torn along the way and it makes me uneasy with each other. If you are thinking about a partner, we recommend that you discard condoms that have been in aggravated condition for more than 3 years or condoms and purchase new condom immediately.

Currently, the condoms are also diversified, and there are many more wonderful things than the previous condom. Even if you feel uneasy about something with sex, the condom may solve it. Articles such as the type of condoms may be helpful.

If you are worried about expiration, not only 12 pieces but condoms with a small amount of 3 pieces and 6 pieces are also on sale. It may be troublesome to buy every time at that time, but it is the best way to purchase it with the sex frequency together.

It is decided that condoms should be newer than old ones. Even though it's embarrassing to purchase it's risky to stock in large quantities.

I do not have an outer case, but do you know the expiration date?

I do not have an outer case, but do you know the expiration date?

When there is no box, I do not know the expiration date. Most of what I have not written on individual packaging inside. If you throw out the box, you will not know the deadline. There is no way to check the deadline if you have already thrown out the box. There is no choice but to memorize in advance, trace memory. It may be better to throw it away if you have been three years since purchasing. The deadline is 5 years, but since it is 5 years since being manufactured, it is safer to use it with a little margin, including what you received by a friend or what you bought at a shop.

And what is important is the storage method. You can use it if you bought it a few years ago and it is saved correctly. If you are a little worried, we recommend purchasing a new one.



The expiration date of condoms is about 5 years from manufacturing. The deadline will also change depending on manufacturers and brands, but it is roughly this. Since the deadline is stated in the outer box, let's always check it. Let 's run out as soon as possible, not limited to the deadline.

I also recommend that you keep the box as it is without throwing it away. The box protects us from injuring the condom. And since it is a rubber product, it will deteriorate in response to sunlight, heat, chemical products, etc, so keep it carefully.

And we recommend you to be in a hard case etc carefully when carrying. Be careful as it is delicate condoms.