What is female condom? How to use female condom and strength and weakness point.

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What is female condom?

What is female condom?

Do you know female condom (girl condom, womens condoms)? There are various ways of calling, girl condom, womens condoms, inserting condoms, etc. I will introduce it as female condom here. A man is a common condom to attach to a penis, but this is a device that a woman can wear in the vagina and can contracept. I have introduced condom of many kinds even at the site here for condoms for men. This time is a story of female condom.

Female condom is a condom wearing female genitalia, not male. It is one of contraceptive methods that women can work on subjectively, but it is not used much in India or the world either. There are also reasons, it is great to say that it is more expensive than anything else. And it is big compared with men 's size, because it is difficult to install if you do not get used to it. It may be the best reason why it is expensive.

However, attention is gathered from birth control that women can easily work on. For example, your partner etc. will not wear a condom, resistance to drinking contraceptive pills (side effects etc.), dislike condoms, discomfort, etc. Such a dissatisfaction will also resolve such female It is condom. There are various types of condom for men, flavored condoms, thin condoms, ribbed condoms, etc. are condoms to eliminate dissatisfaction, but women's condom is an epoch-making condom that also solves female side dissatisfaction is. Female condom may be the best condom for you.

How do you use it? Basic knowledge of "female condom"

How do you use it? Basic knowledge of

I introduce it as a basic knowledge of female condom. The appearance is smaller than the plastic bag, and it is bigger than the condoms for men. Currently it is a contraceptive device to be used by wearing it in the vagina before sex and the recognition rate and usage rate are low in India.

However, in fact it is a pretty good contraceptive tool (98% for male condoms) boasting a contraceptive rate of 95% (not including installation failure etc.). The women's condoms launched in 1993 are difficult to wear as compared to condom for men. Therefore, it is not spread very much. Basically the material is condoms for men is latex and the condoms for women are polyurethane mainstream.

Therefore, it has less unique odor of rubber and can be used with peace of mind even if you are allergic. In addition, as a feature there are two rings, the side to insert is smaller, the side to go out is made larger. Moreover, because it covers female genitalia greatly, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases is higher than normal condom.

Difference between male condom and female condom

Difference between male condom and female condom

Both male condom and female condom are medical instruments as prevention of contraception and infectious diseases and are common as condom which can not be reused. The difference between the two condoms is that shape. Compared to male condom, female condoms are quite large in size and more than double the size of male condom. There are also differences in materials, but both polyurethane condoms of the same material are present.

Strength and weakness of female condom

strength and weakness of female condom

Let's first know the strength and weakness of the female condom. Let's know the difference with other condoms and contraceptive methods when you use female condom.

Strength of female condom

Female condom does not require a prescription by a doctor, can be purchased by mail order (online) such as the Internet, and women can do infectious diseases themselves and contraception themselves. Regular condoms are difficult for female subjects.

Female condom can be safely used without manipulating the body's hormone unlike oral medicine. Moreover, it can be attached even if the man is not in the erection state, so it is excellent in prevention of dropout and maintenance of the atmosphere. Also sensitivity becomes sensitive at sex, the outer ring stimulates clitoris. Also the inner ring stimulates the penis and you can get a higher level of satisfaction with sex. Because it is made of polyethylene, it can be used without worry even with latex allergy.

And since it puts out a part of the body outside the body, it has the advantage that it can prevent spread of pathogens such as herpes contact infection. You can also wear it a few hours before sex. And even if you are wearing a toilet is possible. Since female condom can be installed in advance, it is effective when there is an ED by condom. In addition, the penis size also has no problem because the size meets the vagina.

Weakness of female condom

It may cause strangeness in the vagina, penis and anus. You may get into the vagina during sex. Sounds may come out during sex. Purchasing is more difficult than men's condom.

Mechanism of female condom

Mechanism of female condom

Female condom has the same function as male condoms. However, I insert it in the vagina and wear it. It looks like a big condom, but inserts a flexible inner ring into the vagina and the outer ring is about 2.5 cm from the vagina. Female condom is placed in the vagina, and the man inserts the penis into the condom. After ejaculation in the condom, remove the condom from the vagina.

The female condom can be worn effectively in the vagina or the anus and the method of insertion is almost the same in both cases. Do not use condom for men when using female condom. Friction may break both condoms. Please check the expiration date as well. Also check whether each package has lubricant.

Try using female condom, how to use

Try using female condom, how to use

Here I will show you how to use female condom which is not well known. Please see here for how to use condom for men and condom caution.

First, practice in advance

Female condom is expensive and about 800 rupees, but it is difficult to use if it is the first time to use it before sex. It is easy if you get used to it, but it is important to practice once and twice so that it will not fail in production.

Open from bag

First, remove the condom according to the instructions of the bag so as not to hurt it.


Apply spermicide or lubricant. Using spermicide with female condom further reduces the probability of pregnancy. female condom has become slippery already, but using lubricants makes installation easier. There may be cases with lubricant attached. Also be careful with lubricants with poor compatibility.

Position easy to insert

A position that is easy to insert when putting on a condom is an easy position with yourself being inserted. The shape and position of the vagina can not be unequivocally somewhat different for different people, but people who have inserted tampons etc. are easy to insert if they are in the same position. Even sitting in and inserting or sleeping is fine. Standing again, put one foot on a chair and insert. There are also methods such as.

Pinch ring in inserted part

Grasp the side to be inserted carefully, hold the pencil and grasp the sides and hold it. Because it is easy to slide with lubricant, insert it firmly with your fingers. Insert like a tampon and push it firmly with your fingers.

Insert inner ring all the way

Insert the inner ring into your vagina with your fingers and push it up to the entrance of the uterus. If you do not insert it firmly at this time the penis will become difficult to insert. Also please do not hurt the rubber with nails etc. When reaching near the Portio, the ring expands naturally.

If you feel uncomfortable please adjust it while pull as it may not be inserted correctly. Then please remove your finger and check that the outer ring is about 2.5 cm ~ 3 cm. If it goes out more, insert it firmly in the back with your fingers. Also check to see if the outer ring is too big. You can insert a penis anytime after completing so far.

Attention point

When inserting the penis it is necessary to insert it from the inside of the outer ring. It is meaningless to have the penis in between the vagina and the condom instead of inside the condom. Let's help to insert it inside the outer ring.

Also after ejaculation grasp and twist the outer ring and remove the condom. By doing so we prevent sperm leakage. Just drag it slowly and throw it in the trash can. It is similar to normal condoms and can not be reused. And also when using female condom do not use condom for men. It may be damaged by mutual friction.